CatchX Pro vs Carplounge RT4

We compare two of the most popular bait boats on the market today.

If you’re considering buying a bait boat, one of these two options should be on your radar. In this article, we compare the Catch X Pro against the Carplounge RT4.

CatchX Pro GPS Bait Boat with fish finder

Catch X Pro Summary

It’s difficult to classify anything on the Rippton Catch X Pro bait boat as “basic” given its impressive features. However, for anglers, the most important requirement is a boat that can deliver bait accurately and quickly to multiple locations. The increasing use of bait boats has pushed companies to provide more value to their customers, and Rippton has certainly delivered on this front.

The Rippton Catch X Pro bait boat boasts two individually controlled hoppers with a combined 3kg payload. When paired with their exceptional fishing app, you can save an unlimited number of fishing spots and recall them with just one touch. This means that once you’ve loaded the boat, you can simply select a saved location to drop your bait and rig. After delivering your bait, a single touch will send the boat back to your position, without any unnecessary steering or wasting battery life on zigzagging trips. This feature is particularly useful when fishing in tight areas where bait spread needs to be precise. Additionally, the boat comes equipped with a standard 2.5-hour battery.

The Rippton app comes with an impressive mapping feature. The CatchX Pro comes equipped with a mapping function that automatically records every potential fishing point on the Rippton app. This feature provides valuable data that enables you to select the most suitable location for baiting or placing a hook.

All the recorded spots are private and can be edited at any time to generate a personalized logbook. This flexibility allows you to tailor your fishing experience to your specific needs and preferences.

To put it simply, the Rippton fishing bait boat will significantly improve your accuracy, efficiency, and success as an angler.

Carplounge RT4

Carplounge RT4 Summary

Carplounge has been producing bait boats for over 15 years, each RT4 is hand-made in Germany by a 20+ strong team of engineers. They produce 250-300 RT4 bait boats each month. Each one is put together by hand and meticulously tested by the quality control team on their own test lake.

Carplounge is well renowned for its RT4 bait boat, particularly when it comes to the technology that drives them. The RT4 utilises a unique double jet-power unit instead of traditional moving parts or servo motors. This innovative design ensures fantastic reliability in all weather conditions, as there are no mechanical parts that can malfunction.

Furthermore, the use of jet power rather than propeller power significantly reduces the risk of getting tangled in weed or mainline, providing peace of mind to anglers. The boat can travel across the water without picking up any debris, making it an efficient and hassle-free option.

Each RT4 boat is handmade and only the highest quality internal and external components are used during the construction process. The boat boasts an impressive list of features, which only adds to its appeal.

The Carplounge RT4 is an incredible boat, however, there is one sticking point – the high price… More on that later!

Catch X Pro vs Carplounge RT4 Features

Catch X Pro

2 x Hoppers – Individually Controlled

3kg Payload

Option of 2.5 Hour or 3.5 Hour Battery Life

Integrated Fish Finder Compatible

Bespoke App with Unlimited Spot Marking and Mapping Function

Ultrasong Material Waterproofing

One Handed Controller 300m Range

Autopilot with Map

5.4kg Weight

Front and Rear Lights

Price: £1,499
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Carplounge RT4

2 x Hoppers – Individually Controlled

5kg Payload

Aftermarket Basic Tolson Echo

No Bespoke App


Jamara FCX-6 Two Handed Controller

Autopilot Available – Extra £499.99

Front and Rear Lights

Price: £1,999 – £4,000
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There is no doubt that the Catch X Pro and the Carplounge RT4 are two of the best bait boats on the market. But, just how similar are they in terms of features and value?

As you can see from the table above, the price disparity with the Carplounge RT4 is rather vast. Dependant on whether you include features like Autopilot, the price can skyrocket. However, the Catch X Pro is an all-inclusive model that includes all of the features you see in the table.

The Carplounge RT4 is much akin to a designer brand, where you pay a premium price for a premium product, but not necessarily a better product. This is where the Catch X Pro is much preferable. This isn’t to say that the RT4 isn’t an impressive product, but it simply doesn’t have the features and value that the Catch X Pro has.

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