40w Powerful Solar Panel for most bait boats Laptops and Phones


Powerful 40W Folding solar panel……

The 40w solar panel has 3 outputs including USB,18v and 12v and is capable of charging 7ah bait boat batteries in approx 3 hours !!!



This solar panel charger represents the future of portable on-demand electronic device charging. Both small, lightweight and stylish, this is a perfect travel companion for festivals, camping, fishing or any other outdoor activities. This powerful charger can charge not only mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras, but also run laptops with 18V-19V DC power ratings to give you the freedom of working outdoors whilst charging your device from the power of the Sun.

There is one standard 2A USB output (USB cable included for IOS and Androird charging),one 12V output, and one 19V output for charging larger devices. The solar panel can be used to charge 12v Bait boat battery’s on the bank !

The charger is incredibly powerfull and simple to use: place in direct sunlight, connect and your batteries/devise and it will begin to charge. The high-efficiency, back-contact solar cells supplied with the system can fully charge a smartphone in 1-2 hours, if the charger is placed in bright, direct sunshine (longer in cloudy weather).

Included in the kit is a 3 meter extension cable to allow you to place the panel outside and run the power inside your tent or bivvy etc if needed.

Equipped with a charge controller to ensure efficient and safe charging of devices protected inside a zipped water resistant pocket for storage and safety. The intelligent design of this charger ensures high stability and protection for your devices when connected. It can also electronically recognise your device when it is plugged in, and has an automatic restart function.

Please note that this charger is not fully waterproof and can only tolerate light rain and minor spills. Fold and store away when the item is not in use.

You will not find a more powerful solar panel as small as this at this price !!

Charger specifications:
Nominal power: 40W
Panel quantity: 4 x 10W
Solar cells: High-efficiency, back-contact
Output 1 rating: 5V 2A
Output 2 rating: 12V DC
Output 3 rating: 19V DC
1 x 3 meter extension cable
4 x Carabina (hanging)
12 x Popular Laptop plugs
1x Duel Smart Phone charging Cable
Folded (closed) size: 350x260x45 mm
Unfolded (open) size: 1030x350x30 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Compatible with all SLA Bait boat batteries
The charger comes with a user manual.