Brand New Ridge Monkey Ridgemonkey Vault Dual Voltage 12v Powerpack

£159.99 £148.99

Brand New Ridge Monkey Vault Dual Voltage 12v/5v Powerpack & Case

Designed and built with multiple industries in mind, the RidgeMonkey Vault Powerpack sets a new bar for portable power sources on the bank or in the field.



Lithium Polymer internals

Simultaneous dual voltage output

Huge 264Wh capacity: 20+ charges of an iPhone 5S

70% smaller and lighter than conventional sealed lead acid (SLA) bivvy packs

Dimensions: 205mm x 115mm x 40mm

Weight: 1275g

Capacity: 264Wh / 22Ah @ 12v / 52,800mAh @ 5v

Output: 12v 13A socket / twin 5v 2.1A USB

Comes complete with protective port covers and a neoprene carry case