Power Catcher Sniper Bait Boat


The SNIPER bait boat is developed and produced in the Netherlands. This advanced bait boat is handmade with only high quality parts and components, and therefore very durable.

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It is fast, low noise, and has a great range ( up to 500 meters / 1600 feet).
Equipped with two bait tanks each with a carrying capacity of 1 kilo / 2,2 Lb.

The hull of this boat is fabricated of 4,5 mm thick synthetic material (Acrylonitril-Butadieen-Styreen, short ABS) and is very hard and nearly unbreakable, color high gloss black. With this model we have chosen a “triamaran” lower part, that means three parallel hulls together in one. Which provides this boat (loaded as well as unloaded) a very stable and calm way to sail even in rough weather conditions.

The basic model SNIPER has two bait tanks on each side of the boat, which will go back in upright position after dropping your bait! You can upgrade the carrying capacity of the SNIPER by adding the option: third bait tank with yet another 1 kilo bait. This third bait tank is equipped with an endless screw which allows you to drop the bait gradually.

On the front of the boat are two very bright blue led’s and at the back a red and a green led. The front led’s can be controlled with the transmitter. The led’s at the back stay on so you can see that the boat is switched on. Also the blue led’s will blink when the lead battery power is too low! This way you know when to change your lead battery. So you could say a battery indicator is an extra free option.

The transmitter we will provide with this bait boat is a 4 or 5 channel 2.4Ghz and of proven good quality (for example, can be Graupner, Hype or Robbe). You could also upgrade the transmitter to the luxury Robbe Futaba T6J for € 100,-.
Naturally each bait boat will be delivered including one lead battery 12V/7Ah and the necessary loading equipment.