Universal Bait Boat Fish Finder (MK3 Colour Screen), Fits All Bait Boats

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Without a doubt, the best value fish finder on the market. Fully universal bait boat fish finder. Fits all makes and models. 200 meters plus range.

Simple DIY fitting, no boat modification required. Simply attach to your boat and away you go.

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Introducing the all new MK3 universal bait boat fish finder from Bait Boat World. This is the upgraded colour screen version.

**Please note, the video above shows the old MK2 fish finder handset. We have now updated this to a new, improved handset with colour screen (see images). **

The MK3 now comes with a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery and USB car charger.

This really is a must for all carp anglers who use a bait boat. Designed to find gravel and sand bars, gullies, plateaus, clear spots, weed beds and a host of other under water features. It will show where carp are holding up and show change in depth and temperature. This fish finder is designed to fit all bait boats and no assembly is required, you simply attach to your bait boat and away you go. No modification is required to your boat to fit this fish finder. Boasting a huge range of 200m +, you will be able to accurately record depth in both feet and meters, along with water temperature and underwater features.

This bait boat fish fish finder has all the features of other fish finders costing 4x the price. It will easily fit any bait boat including; Microcat, Procat, Viper, Waverunner, Atom, Shuttle, Lakestar and all other types of bait boats. Fitting is very simple, no expert knowledge is required to fit this fish finder to your bait boat. This is not a DIY kit, this is the full complete product, ready to attach to your bait boat.

We have used this fish finder extensively, both on short sessions in the UK and on week-long sessions in France. The accuracy of the sonar and data feedback to the handset is a real eye opener, you will easily find features you never knew existed on the lake bed.

This is the complete budget fish finder kit for your bait boat, there really is no need to spend £300+ on a bait boat fish finder, this product is just as good if not better than the more expensive models.

Everything you need is included with this product, simply attach the locking pads to your bait boat and away you go.

Technical Specifications:

Display Type: Colour screen
White Backlight with on / off option
Sonar Operating Frequency: 125kHz
Sonar Coverage: 90° beam angle
Depth Capability: 0.6-40M (2-131ft)
Operational Wireless Frequency : 433.92MHz
Built-in temperature sensor
Wireless Sensor Operational Range: 200 meters +
3.7V Rechargeable lithium battery
Item Weight: 186g (main Unit only)