Carp Bait

Want to catch more carp? These bait related articles will help you.

carp feeding on the water bottom

Carp Feeding Behaviours Unveiled

This blog will enlighten you on the essential facts about carp feeding behaviours, particularly during winter. We will discuss the debate on what carp bait to use and whether carp feed in winter with scientific evidence. Carp Eating Facts You Should Know Carp navigate their underwater world using strong taste and smell senses. Researchers at the … Read more

What do carp eat in the wild?

The article explores the natural diet of carp in the wild, encompassing various food sources such as aquatic vegetation, leeches, invertebrates, freshwater clams, fruit, detritus, insects, crayfish, and even other fish. Carp exhibit a diverse palate and rely on an array of nourishing options to sustain their substantial size. In a tranquil bay, a picturesque … Read more

Cheap Carp Bait

Cheap Carp Bait

We take a look at some of the best cheap carp bait available and where to buy it from. Carp fishing is a passion for most of us and that passion can burn a pretty big hole in our pockets. Bait is the one thing we can not do without, it’s probably the biggest annual … Read more