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Bait Boats…..so, what exactly are bait boats and why should I use one?

Bait boats are electronic boats that deliver your bait and terminal tackle to a chosen point in your swim. When bait boats were first introduced, many carp anglers were not happy, with many branding the use of bait boats as cheating. This led to many fisheries banning the use of bait boats across the UK. Today, views on bait boats are changing slightly, with many carp anglers now owning a bait boat, with high profile anglers promoting their use in the right fishing situation.

The benefits of bait boats

Bait boats are another tool in the carp anglers armoury and when used correctly can offer a real edge to your angling. The main advantages include accurate placement of rigs and bait, fishing at ranges where casting is not possible, fishing under overhanging trees & snags and tight bait application into clear patches among weed and other debris.

Another huge advantage of using a bait boat is the ability to fish small particle baits at range. You can accurately place baits such as pellet, partiblend, hemp, maize, groundbait and other particle baits at range. Although spodding particles is also effective, a bait boat will allow pin-point accuracy of your baiting and rig placement when fishing at range.

You can now buy bait boat fish finders which allow you to map out the contours of your lake bed while using your boat. This is a huge advantage as it limits the use of a marker float, which can be disruptive when plumbing a swim while carp are present.

Should I buy a bait boat?

Owning a bait boat is very much a personal choice. As more fisheries are permitting the use of bait boats, many people are adopting an “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude. For many it is a horses for courses situation as many waters simply do not require them. If you can get away without using a bait boat on your water then do so, otherwise, your angling ability will suffer if you rely on them too much. Nothing can beat feeling the lead down on the bottom of the lake, although this can still be achieved when using a bait boat to some degree. Bait boats are great when normal angling conditions restrict your ability to fish 100% without one. If your planning on a fishing holiday to France in the near future then a bait boat will come in handy, not only will it make your life a little easier while on holiday, it will increase your chances of catching on the larger French venues.

It’s defiantly an advantage to have a bait boat in your carp fishing arsenal, you don’t have to use it every time you go fishing, but it will certainly come in handy on some waters and in certain fishing situations.

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