Carp Fishing In France Near Calais

Want to experience foreign carp fishing without too much travel time? Try these carp fishing lakes in France near Calais.

There are plenty of carp fishing lakes in France near Calais. All the lakes listed below are within a couple of hours drive from the French port.

Carp fishing in France near Calais

Domaine des Iles – approx 2 hours from Calais

Domaine des Iles offers carp fishing in France near Calais, set in a stunning woodland environment. There are 2 lakes on this complex, the Main Lake offers fishing for up to 12 anglers with the very real possibility of some very large fish. The carp in the Main Lake go over 60lb with many large catfish also present. There are cabins available and electricity points around the lake.

The Back Lake is around 7 acres and offers fishing for up to 6 anglers with a luxury lodge available for those looking for a little bit of luxury. The lodge is fully equipped with all modern luxuries and has 3 bedrooms. The carp record is currently a 52lb common and there are several original carp still present around the 40lb bracket.

More information:

Directions: 9 Rue du Moulin, 80400 Offoy, France

Jurassik Carpe 1, 2, 3 (Domaine d’Halatte) – approx 2.5 hours from Calais

Jurassik Carpe offers serious big fish carp fishing in France near Calais. A collection of 3 lakes spanning 250 acres, Jurassik Carpe has something for everyone. Jurassik Carpe 1 is the big fish mecca of the domain with the current lake record standing at 71lb. The lake is 190 acres with fishing available for up to 22 anglers. It’s not an easy “runs” water, but the rewards are certainly there for those willing to put in the effort and wait it out. The lake is weedy and a boat is necessary to aid with the landing of large carp. This lake is suited to the experienced carp angler.

Jurassik Carpe 2 is much smaller at around 40 acres and is much less intimidating that Jurassik Carpe 1. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less rewarding. Jurassik Carpe 2 holds carp to 62lb with the average catch carp caught being around 30lb, there are several 40lb+ carp landed each week. It is estimated that there are 300 carp between 30 to 45lb. With room for up to 11 anglers, each swim offers plenty of water to go at, rowboats and bait boats are allowed and it is possible to park your car at many of the swims. This lake is still challenging due to weed growth but the rewards are certainly worthwhile.

Jurassik Carpe 3 is the smallest lake on the Domaine d’Halatte complex at 17 acres and is suitable for 5 anglers. It’s a stunning carp lake that offers plenty of privacy and underwater features with a large stock of carp to around 55lb. This lake is suited to anglers of all availabilities with a large stock of carp present, rowboats and bait boats are allowed and you can park your car behind most of the swims. It is estimated that there are 150 carp between 30 and 45lb in Jurassik Carpe 3 with at least 5 of these over 45lb.

More information:

Directions: 60550 Verneuil-en-Halatte, France

Vallee Lake in France near Calais

Vallee Lake 1 & 2 – approx 1.2 hours from Calais

One of the closest big fish venues to Calais, the Vallee Lake complex offers 2 lakes of 13 & 24 acres with carp to over 70lb, catfish to over 100lb and sturgeon to over 90lb. These big fish are more suited to the experienced carp angler. Bivvy swims or luxury lodges are available on the complex along with fantastic facilities including a tackle shop offering tackle hire. Food packages are also available and can be delivered to your swim. Swim electricity is now available in all swims on the Valle Lake complex, ensuring you can charge essential items such as phones and tablets.

More information:

Directions: 76340 Nesle-Normandeuse, France

Beaurepaire – approx 2.5 hours from Calais

Beaurepaire is a natural gravel pit of 7 acres and offers fishing for up to 6 anglers, perfect for group bookings. The lake holds a good stock of carp to over 60lb. The average size of carp is over 30lb with regular catches of 40lb fish each week with the occasional 50lb & 60lb carp also making an appearance.

Beaurepaire is one of France’s best keep carp fishing secrets, offering fantastic fishing for anglers of varying abilities. Perfect for booking exclusively between a small group of anglers with a cabin on site with electricity and washing facilities. There is also a boat on site but please remember to take a life jacket should you wish to use it. Beaurepaire is definitely worth considering if you are looking for carp fishing in France near Calais.

More information:

Location: 02160 Pontavert, France

Abbey Lakes – approx 2.5 hours from Calais

One of the most established carp fishing venues in France, Abbey Lakes is world-renowned for its stock of huge carp. With 6 lakes catering for all angling abilities, this complex is a must-visit french carp venue, just 2.5 hours from Calais.

Food packages are available and there are a bar, restaurant and shower facilities on-site with fresh bait also available to buy on-site. You can read our detailed Abbey Lakes review here.

There are some well-known carp to be caught at Abbey Lakes, many of which are over 60lb. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube which offer a wealth of information about the lakes, tactics and the stamp of carp in this well-known big fish complex.

More information:

Location: Chemin de l’Abbaye, 60126 Longueil-Sainte-Marie, France


The above venues are all great options when looking for carp fishing in France near Calais. All venues are within 2.5 hours of Calais and offer easy access when driving. Please be mindful that you will need to take extra precautions when driving through France. Click here for more information.

If you would like to suggest a carp fishing venue close to Calais for inclusion in this then please comment below.

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