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CatchX Mini GPS bait boat with app interface

Rippton CatchX Mini GPS Bait Boat, New Rippton Bait Boat Review

This is a review of the CatchX Mini GPS bait boat by Rippton. Rippton has developed an impressive CatchX series bait boats with cutting-edge smart features. Rippton has consistently led the way in advancing new technology for carp fishing. The company offers a wide range of products such as BiteKeeper bite alarms and CatchX Pro bait boats that … Read more

casting bait with bait boat

Can Bait Boat Increase Catch Rate?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the debate over whether bait boats increase catch rate. My answer is YES. Can Bait Boat Increase Catch Rate? Supporters Opponents 1. More Stealthy2. More Accurate3. Enhanced Accessibility4. More Bait, More Fish5. Fish More Effectively6. More Tech Features 1. Not Reliable2. Over-Reliance on Tech3. Not Effective in Certain Scenarios4. Cost  … Read more

carp eating bait

Carp Baiting Methods for Beginners

Carp fishing is an exciting sport that requires precise bait placement. In this blog post, we will delve into three different bait casting methods: manual casting, assisted casting with various tools, and the option of using high-tech bait boats. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, providing anglers with diversified choices to meet their … Read more

autopilot gps bait boat

Do I need GPS in a bait boat?

Hey there, fishing enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of GPS autopilot bait boats. These technological marvels have completely transformed the way we fish. By seamlessly integrating GPS technology into bait boats, we now have a whole new level of convenience, precision, and efficiency at our fingertips. So, let’s explore why GPS is … Read more

The History of Carp Fishing Bite Alarms

While the debate over whether using a bait boat is considered cheating in the carp fishing community continues, bite alarm sets have become widely accepted. These sets, also known as carp fishing alarms or smart fish bite alarms, have greatly transformed the sport. In this blog post, we will delve into the history of bite … Read more

Top 5 Carp Shows: A Must-Visit for Fishing Enthusiasts

If you’re a passionate carp angler or someone looking to explore the world of carp fishing, attending carp shows can be an excellent way to immerse yourself in the latest gear, techniques, and trends. These exhibitions attract anglers from around the world and provide a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of carp-related products, … Read more

CatchX Black Samurai vs Waverunner MK4

CatchX Black Samurai vs Waverunner MK4

In this article, we look at two of the best mid-range bait boats on the market, the CatchX Black Samurai and Waverunner MK4. CatchX Black Samurai Summary Rippton is a brand of bait boats that is specifically designed for fishing. With their unique design, these bait boats can be quickly and easily deployed in various … Read more

Catch X Pro vs Carplounge RT4

CatchX Pro vs Carplounge RT4

We compare two of the most popular bait boats on the market today. If you’re considering buying a bait boat, one of these two options should be on your radar. In this article, we compare the Catch X Pro against the Carplounge RT4. Catch X Pro Summary It’s difficult to classify anything on the Rippton … Read more