Bait Boat Finance, How To Buy Bait Boats On Finance

Bait Boat Finance

Bait boats are one of the more expensive items of fishing tackle you will own. We explore some of the options for financing your bait boat purchase to help spread the cost. Brand new bait boats generally range from around £400 at the lower end to £1500 at the top end. There are a couple … Read more

Waverunner Bait Boats

Waverunner Bait Boats

Waverunner bait boats are one of the leading suppliers of bait boats in the UK. Waverunner bait boats currently offer four main models in their range, these are Waverunner Sport, Waverunner Atom, Waverunner MK4 and Waverunner Shuttle. We take a closer look at each of these bait boats below. The Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat The … Read more

Bait Boat Servicing & Bait Boat Repair

Bait Boat Servicing & Repairs

It is possible to service and repair all major makes and models, including Angling Technics, Viper, Waverunner, Lakestar and Jabo bait boats. **PLEASE NOTE – WE NO LONGER OFFER THIS SERVICE DIRECTLY, PLEASE USE THIS ARTICLE AS A GUIDE** Although modern bait boats are well made and some come with multiple year guarantees, sometimes things … Read more