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Our bait boat articles, learn how to fish more effectively with a bait boat.

Fishing In Weed

Fishing In Weed, How To Fish A Weedy Lake

Carp love lake weed. It’s a simple fact that is too often ignored by anglers, who see weed in waters as the enemy when it could be an ally. In this article, we explore how to fish in a weedy lake. The key to utilising weed to your advantage is to first understand why the … Read more

Bait Boat Care Tips

Bait Boat Care Tips

Good quality bait boats are a fair investment, so it just makes sense that you know how to best look after them to ensure the longevity of your boat. To make sure you’ll be dropping rigs and bait on the hot spot for a long time to come, check out these bait boat care tips. … Read more

Bait Boat Frequently Asked Questions

Bait Boat Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wish there was a list of commonly asked questions about bait boats? Well, wish no longer, as everything you need to know about bait boats, repairs, features and anything else can be found below in our FAQs! What is a Bait Boat used for? Bait boats are used for transporting bait and your fishing … Read more

How To Use A Bait Boat To Fish Effectively

How To Use A Bait Boat To Fish Effectively

How do you use a bait boat effectively? Here are some top tips on how to use a bait boat properly to catch more fish. Bait boats are an incredible invention that has opened up a world of opportunity for anglers across the world. In truth, bait boats have been around, in some form or … Read more

CatchX Pro bait boat on grass

CatchX Pro – Precision Meets Power

We take a detailed look at the soon to be released CatchX Pro from Rippton. The CatchX Bait Boat from Rippton has become a hot favourite for carp anglers across the world. Considering it features everything from a 3kg payload, 800m range, 2.5 hour battery life and so much more, it’s little wonder why it has … Read more

Catch More With CatchX

Background… Bait boats still to this day divide opinions but are certainly more of a mainstream tool than they were 20 years ago and with the way the world has moved over this period of time technology in hobbies or sports is at the forefront leading the way and forever evolving. With the growing interest … Read more

Bait Boat Servicing

Bait Boat Servicing, Repair & Upgrades

Although modern bait boats are well made and some come with multiple year guarantees, sometimes things can go wrong. Many companies now offer a bait boat repair service along with bait boat servicing and upgrades.