CatchX Black Samurai vs Waverunner MK4

In this article, we look at two of the best mid-range bait boats on the market, the CatchX Black Samurai and Waverunner MK4.

CatchX Black Samurai

CatchX Black Samurai Summary

Rippton is a brand of bait boats that is specifically designed for fishing. With their unique design, these bait boats can be quickly and easily deployed in various types of water, making them ideal for anglers looking to fish in diverse locations. The Rippton boats also come equipped with a GPS autopilot, which eliminates the worry of losing your boat and makes it easier to keep track of your fishing location. With the GPS autopilot, anglers can effortlessly move to different spots and maximize their chances of catching fish.

The CatchX Black Samurai should not be mistaken as a mere two-hopper version of the original CatchX. With its improved chips and PCB boards, this GPS bait boat delivers enhanced performance in signal transmission and control agility. It is the ideal choice for any serious angler, and you’ll never regret having it in your fishing gear.

With the Black Samurai, you can preset your fishing spots on your phone, and the bait boat will automatically drop bait within a meter of your desired target area. The higher the accuracy of the drop, the faster the fish will bite. The fishing bait boat can load up to 3kg of bait across two individual hoppers, providing ample baiting options, large bait capacity, and smooth bait release.

In addition to its advanced features, the Black Samurai offers an impressive range, allowing you to steer the bait boat up to 800m away from the bank. This greatly extends the potential fishing area, providing a wider window of opportunity to catch a fish.

Waverunner bait boat with fish finder

Waverunner MK4 Summary

Waverunner is a very well-established brand in the bait boat world, valued for their quality products and affordability in a costly market.

The Waverunner MK4 is the largest bait boat in its range and is designed to deliver large quantities of bait to greater distances, thanks to its twin-hopper design. With a massive 5kg bait capacity, a fully charged battery provides up to 2 hours of runtime and a range of up to 1000 meters. Despite weighing 8.5kg, the MK4 offers exceptional reliability, making it a popular choice for anglers who fish in larger waters, both domestically and abroad.

The MK4 also offers 2 x hoppers & 2 x hook releases built into the boat, providing a variety of bait delivery and rig placement options. This makes it the perfect all-water option for serious anglers looking to optimise their fishing experience.

CatchX Black Samurai vs Waverunner MK4 Features

CatchX Black Samurai

2 x Hoppers – Individually Controlled

3kg Payload

Option of 2.5 Hour

Bespoke App with Unlimited Spot Marking and Mapping Function

Ultrasong Material Waterproofing

One Handed Controller 800m Range

GPS & Autopilot with Map

6.4kg Weight

Front and Rear Lights

Price: £949
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Waverunner MK4

2 x Hoppers – Individually Controlled

5kg Payload

2 hours Battery Life

No Bespoke App


Two Handed Controller – 1000m Range

Autopilot Available – Extra Cost

8.5kg Weight

Front and Rear Lights

Price: £880
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The Waverunner boars have been long-standing stalwarts in the bait boat industry, and this is to their credit. The quality of the boats cannot be understated, and they do the basics very well. However, the modern-day angler requires that extra edge when it comes to catching the biggest carp in the lake. These edges and advantages are acquired by technology of the likes found on the CatchX Black Samurai.

Carp fishing hinges very keenly on consistency. The ability to find accurate spots where fish are likely held up and then to present a rig and free offerings on the spot consistently through a session maximises your chance at landing a stunning fish. This can only be achieved through a GPS autopilot function that is found on boats like the CatchX Pro Black Samurai. Another key consideration is the difference in weight with the Waverunner coming in at a whopping 8.5kg, 2.1kg heavier than the Catch X Black Samurai.

Ultimately, the CatchX Black Samurai is the more feature-rich boat between the two, and it still comes well under that £1,000 mark. You could do much worse than a Waverunner MK4, but you would be resigning the loss of some very key features through the Autopilot function. Couple this with the lack of dedicated app, and it’s pretty clear to see that the more logical choice is the CatchX Black Samurai.

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