Can Bait Boat Increase Catch Rate?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the debate over whether bait boats increase catch rate. My answer is YES.

Can Bait Boat Increase Catch Rate?
1. More Stealthy
2. More Accurate
3. Enhanced Accessibility
4. More Bait, More Fish
5. Fish More Effectively
6. More Tech Features
1. Not Reliable
2. Over-Reliance on Tech
3. Not Effective in Certain Scenarios
4. Cost 

In my view, the question at hand is quite similar to whether one can travel quicker with a car compared to walking. While some anglers are more sceptical about the use of modern technology in carp fishing, it is undeniable that bait boats, if utilised properly, can help you catch more. The real question that arises is: How does this happen?

casting bait with bait boat

  • More Stealthy:

Compared to traditional casting methods, a bait boat is more discreet, ensuring that you won’t scare off the fish.

  • Greater Accuracy:

Particularly at night or when repeatedly baiting the same spot, a bait boat can drop bait with perfect precision, especially if it’s a GPS bait boat.

  • Enhanced Accessibility:

A bait boat allows for easy access to places you wouldn’t dare cast. You can send the boat out to get under the overhang with minimal disturbance, or to a spot hundred yard away from the bank.

  • More Bait, More Fish:

A bait boat can cast a significantly larger amount of bait at one time, which can attract more carp. It is natural that more carp will be enticed with more bait.

  • Improved fishing efficiency:

A bait boat allows anglers to fish more effectively, making their lives easier. Simply fill up the hoppers to the brim, select the spots on a digital map, and if equipped with two hoppers, you could cast bait and rig in two different locations at one time.

  • Advanced technological features:

Bait boat manufacturers have incorporated more tech features into their new models. For instance, a fish finder-equipped bait boat can provide valuable insights into the fishing area by locating fish. By using a deeper sonar, anglers can detect raises, dips and weeds. The CatchX Pro bait boat even sends an alert when its sonar detects a fish, helping anglers identify potential spots to cast their rigs. A fellow angler told me he blanked for several weeks until his friend used a drone to capture an aerial view of the lake. After he moved to the other side of the bank based on the drone’s findings, he finally started getting bites. This example highlights the potential benefits of technology in fishing, although it does not directly involve the use of a bait boat.

Intrepid Fishing Bait Boat

Of course, there are still many anglers who are sceptical about the effectiveness of bait boat and offer some valuable arguments:

  • Unreliable:

“Bait boats are prone to various issues such as malfunctioning, getting snagged or damaged, leader getting caught in props, or having difficulties opening the hopper.”

“Relying on sonar and autopilot features can be unreliable and misleading.”

My comment: However, this mainly depends on using the wrong bait boat model. Choosing a reliable and suitable bait boat can eliminate these concerns.

  • Over-reliance on technology:

“Fishing with drones, boats, and smartphones is often seen as not fishing!”

“Only disabled anglers should resort to such means.”

“A friend of mine used an underwater camera to observe bait conditions but ended up with 50 days of blanking.”

My comment: This highlights the importance of having basic fishing skills, as technology alone is not sufficient for consistent success.

  • Limited effectiveness in certain fishing scenarios:

“Bait boats are typically more effective in still or slow-flowing waters. In fast-moving rivers or areas with dense vegetation, a bait boat may not be as practical or effective, limiting its impact on catch rates.”

My comment: True. There are certain fishing scenarios where a bait boat may not be versatile enough.

  • High Cost:

“Bait boats, especially those equipped with GPS and fish finders can be expensive!”

My comment: True. Though bait boats can yield returns, some premium models are not cheap.


Smart fishing technology has transformed carp angling today. As someone who doesn’t want to be labelled as devil’s advocate of bait boats, I believe the key is to find the way you’re comfortable with and the balance between the technology and traditional fishing methods. Tight lines!

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