The Best Power Packs for Fishing, Bivvy Power Packs For Carp Anglers

We review some of the best power packs for fishing. We are using more tech than ever before in our fishing, these bivvy power packs will ensure your essential tech stays charged while you’re on the bank.

Modern-day fishing has changed drastically in comparison to the bygone era of wicker tackle boxes and a flask full of tea.

Angling now is more technologically charged than any other sport, with power packs, tablets and bait boats often taking centre stage at trade shows and tackle shops.

Power packs have emerged as the most important fishing gadget to have on the bank, keeping everything from iPads to bite alarms charged up, and keeping the angler fully entertained on the bank. Many question whether this is the way the sport should be heading, but love it or loathe it, the market for angling technology is enjoying a rapid upward trajectory.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best power packs for fishing, where they come in handy, where to buy them and which are the best!

Fishing power packs by angling brands

Often the most expensive options are those manufactured by well-known fishing brands. The two frontrunners in this field for power packs are Fox and RidgeMonkey, with the latter being at the forefront of many a conversation surrounding innovative and controversial angling products, for example, the Cozee Seat Toilet!

Fox Halo Fishing Power Pack

Fox Halo Bivvy Power Pack

The Fox Halo power pack is designed with the long session angler in mind. The 48k is the 48,000mAh version, and the 96k is the 96,000mAh version. mAh is the unit of measurement for batteries strength, with the higher the number representing the more powerful battery.

Both models feature LiFePo4 battery cells which are designed to be used outdoors ensuring a reliable stream of power even in low temperatures. They each have a large bivvy light on one side of the power pack and can be stood up to reduce the space taken up on a bivvy table. They feature 4 LED lights to indicate the amount of charge remaining.

The Fox Halo is a great product, although there are some concerns about the weight and size of the power pack. Although, it’s easy to justify this with the amount of power this power pack can store, keeping you angling for longer.

Fox Halo 48k

  • 48,000 mAh Capacity – This equates to around 11-13 full charges of an iPhone X
  • 3 Outputs –12v Cigarette Lighter Socket, USB & USB-C
  • Dimensions – 208mm X 148mm X 38mm
  • Weight – 1.5kg
  • DC Input – 12-24V/2A max

Price: £149.98

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Fox Halo 96K

  • 96,000 mAh Capacity – This equates to around 22-26 full charges of an iPhone X
  • 4 Outputs – 2 X 12v Cigarette Lighter Socket, USB & USB-C
  • Dimensions – 209mm x 157mm x 72mm
  • Weight – 3kg
  • DC Input – 12-24V/2A max

Price: £219.99

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RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless Power Pack For Fishing

RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless Power Pack For Fishing

RidgeMonkey has been at the forefront of many technological advancements in angling, from cooking equipment to fish care, but one of the most popular products from the UK based company is the Vault bivvy power pack.

These fishing power packs have gone through many stages since its inception, but the most recent version possesses some wonderful features.

There are three versions – 26,950mAh, 42,150mAh & 77,850mAh. As we mentioned previously, these numbers represent the power capacity of the power packs, with the larger the number representing more power.

All of the models feature a durable rubber outer to protect the power pack from all bumps and drops while on the bank, along with the innovative Qi wireless pad for wireless device charging.

This is really useful for just laying your phone on top of the power pack while it sits on a bivvy table to allow it to charge in-between catch pictures. The RidgeMonkey fishing power pack boasts two incredibly stylish designs with Gunmetal Green and Camo, along with a mass of accessories available to be purchased and used with the power pack.

The RidgeMonkey power pack is substantially lighter than the Fox Halo but isn’t quite as powerful.

The individual details for the different power packs are below:

RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless 26,950mAh

  • 26,950mAh – Equating to 6-7 iPhone X Full Charges
  • 5 Outputs – Qi Wireless Pad, C-Smart USB-C, 1 12v Cigarette Lighter Socket and 2 x USB-A.
  • Dimensions – 182mm x 103mm x 30mm
  • Weight – 650g

Price: £109.99

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RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless 42,150mAh

  • 42,150mAh – Equating to 9-11 iPhone X Full Charges
  • 5 Outputs – Qi Wireless Pad, C-Smart USB-C, 1 12v Cigarette Lighter Socket and 2 x USB-A.
  • Dimensions – 190mm x 110mm x 42mm
  • Weight – 850g

Price: £159.99

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RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless 77,850mAh

  • 77,850mAh – Equating to 15-17 iPhone X Full Charges
  • 5 Outputs – Qi Wireless Pad, C-Smart USB-C, 1 12v Cigarette Lighter Socket and 2 x USB-A.
  • Dimensions – 230mm x 130mm x 44mm
  • Weight – 1,495g

Price: £229.99

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Fishing Power Packs from Non-Angling Brands

There is always a premium placed on branded equipment or items, simply because of the brand placed on the product. With this in mind, we’ve explored some of the best fishing power packs available from non-angling brands, many of which are preferred by anglers all over the world.

They tend to be just as solid in quality, but much cheaper than the branded counterparts.

RAVPower fishing power pack

RAVPower Portable Charger 20,000mAh

RAVPower are very popular amongst anglers and people who partake in outdoor activities mostly due to their lightweight, strong capacity and low price. Here are some key details about the RAVPower power bank:

  • 20,000mAh – Equating to 3-4 iPhone X Full Charges
  • 3 Outputs – C-Smart USB-C and 2 x USB-A.
  • Dimensions – 165mm x 78mm x 23mm
  • Weight – 400g

The RAVPower portable charger is a great option for the day or overnight angler. It has enough charge to keep you connected over short sessions, is quick to recharge before your next trip and is very light to carry when compared to other power banks. These power packs can be purchased on Amazon and the links are below.

Price: £31.99

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Getihu power pack for carp fishing

GETIHU Power Bank 10,000mAh

This mini power pack represents a real budget option for the short session angler. The small 10,000mAh power pack will only charge an iPhone X 2 times, but if you just want to keep a small radio or your phone charged up for a day session, this will be more than enough for you.

The GETIHU power bank features a small LED screen to show you what percentage of charge remains in the power bank, it has two output sockets, both USB sockets and a small torch which can be handy for finding tackle in your bag. The power bank weighs just 190g and its dimensions are 144mm X 69mm X 17mm. For scale, that’s about the size of a smartphone, just a little thicker.

The GETIHU costs just £14.99 and are a fantastic power pack for a short session, or even as an emergency backup for your bigger capacity power pack, should anything go array with it. You can by the GETIHU on Amazon and the link is below.

Price: £15.99

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kilponene Solar Power Bank

kilponene Solar Power Bank

Solar energy is becoming more and more common with different gadgets for angling. Sabre seems to be the first fishing manufacturer to take notice of solar energy with their LiteSaber bivvy light and connecting solar panel to keep it charged up, but kilponene have a similar product available as a power pack.

The solar panel is incorporated into the top face of the power pack, allowing you to charge and use the power bank at the same time. Now, of course, the technology for this is still in its basic infancy so it won’t charge as fast as a power pack plugged into the mains, but it’s still a wonderful feature to have out on the bank, particularly during summer.

As we mentioned before, it’s a good idea to have a backup, and what better back up could there be than a solar charged power bank. At full charge, the kilponene holds 26,800mAh equating to around 6 full charges of an iPhone X. It has an LED light system to show how much charge the power bank has, and it weighs just 350g.

The power bank’s dimensions are 166mm X 104mm X 26mm, so it’s not much bigger than a smartphone, oh and it’s only £20.95! The only place you can buy this powerpack seems to be Amazon and they’re selling fast!

Price: £21.95

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Anker PowerCore bivvy power pack

Anker PowerCore

Considering Anker started life as an independent electronics company, their popularity is incredible. They have a great reputation for providing well-priced and good quality electricals ranging from power leads to portable speakers.

Ankers power banks, and in particular their PowerCore range, are very well regarded for their power, longevity, quality of build and price. Their latest PowerCore model has a 26,800mAh capacity charging an iPhone X around 6 times, 4 outputs consisting of a USB-C and 3 USB-A ports, and it comes complete with a charging cable and carry bag from Anker.

It weighs just 495g and its just a little longer and chunkier than a smartphone. The PowerCore models can be found on both Amazon and eBay and the links are below, however, Amazon often offers the lower pricing on Anker products.

Price: £34.99

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Technology is becoming more important in angling, not just because it makes angling easier, but because we do more with our smartphones and smartwatches. When we arrive at the lake, we may pay for our ticket with Apple Pay, or our bait with Google Pay.

Our phones and gadgets aren’t just entertainment devices to be used in a place where fishing should be the only entertainment, but our safety net to be alerted of emergencies, take pictures of our fish and check in on the kids.

All of these reasons and so many more make power packs for fishing almost integral and to be honest, any of the options above will be better than having no spare charge at all! You can’t go far wrong with any of the power packs mentioned above.

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