A Comprehensive Guide to Bite Alarms

In this guide, we will explore:

1. What bite alarm are;

2. How they work;

3. Features to consider when buying them;

4. Necessary accessories (bobbin & swinger)

5. Step-by-step instructions for setting it up

bite alarm set

1. What are Bite Alarms?

Bite alarms are exactly what their name suggests – alarms that notify anglers when they have a fish bite. With bite alarms, anglers are able to fish through the night or long session without missing a bite. All they need to do is set the trap and wait for the alert.

2. How Bite Alarms Work?

Attach the bite alarm to a rod holder, rest your fishing rod on it, and slot the fishing line between the two ears of the alarm, and done! The sensor on the bite alarm can detect movement or vibrations on your fishing line. When a fish bites the bait and moves the line, the alarm makes a noise, flashes a light, or vibrates to alert you. 

Most bite alarms on the market detect line movement through:

Magnetic roller wheelOR Piezo vibration sensor
When your fishing line moves, the magnetic wheel is triggered, causing it to move and activate the sensor. Resembling a small Y shape, it is positioned beneath the line. As the line moves, it tilts the Y sensor, triggering the alarm.

3. Key Features to Consider When Buying Bite Alarms

Tone and light indicator

Choose bite alarms with different tones and light indicators so it is handy to distinguish between fishing rods. Some anglers prefer to match the light’s colour with their bobbins. White and purple lights are the most popular choices. Some bite alarms even have different tone/indicator colours for forward take and drop-back. 


Opt for an alarm with adjustable volume settings so you can adjust for different scenarios. The mute mode could be an add if you don’t want to interrupt the angler in your neighbouring swim.


Bite alarms with sensitivity levels allow anglers to deal with various fishing conditions. In windy or fast-flowing water areas, lower the sensitivity to prevent false alarms. Increasing the sensitivity ensures that even the slightest bite is detected, so nothing is missed. 


Bite alarms on the market typically use either AAA batteries or sealed rechargeable lithium batteries. Replaceable batteries tend to be less waterproof. Sealed lithium batteries offer stronger waterproof capabilities and are more environmentally friendly.


A waterproof bite alarm is more durable in wet weather conditions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about accidental submersion.


The receiver is wirelessly connected to the alarm and receives signals when a fish bites the bait. It acts as a remote notification, alerting the angler from a distance. 

Smart Features

Advanced bite alarms may offer smart features such as Bluetooth connectivity, mobile apps, or bite pattern analysis. Note that certain app functionalities, like those of the ND S9, may require additional fees or subscriptions to access. 

If you are looking for the best bite alarms with the receiver, check out our recommendation. 

3. What are Bobbins / Swingers?

Bobbins / Swingers increase sensitivity to detect fish bites and provide additional visual indication. Bobbins typically have a cord or chain, while swingers, a stiff arm. Anglers also use isotopes within the swingers or bobbins to provide a continuous dim light throughout the night. 


5. How to set up the bite alarms?

To set up your bite alarm, follow these steps:

– Attach the bite alarm to your fishing rod using the provided attachments.

– Adjust the sensitivity, volume, and tone settings according to your preferences and the fishing conditions.

– Connect a receiver if applicable, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Attach bobbin/swingers to the line for visual indication, if desired.

– Test the alarm by pulling the line to ensure it detects motion and sounds an alert.


Investing in a quality bite alarm can improve your fishing experience by ensuring that you never miss a bite. Consider the features that align with your preferences, and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your bite alarm properly. 

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