Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarms & Receiver Set 2023– The Ultimate Review 

What was your most satisfying fishing tackle purchase in 2023? Many anglers might say it’s the BiteKeeper Pro bite alarm set, which has been acclaimed by Carpology as one of the smartest bite alarms. This blog will delve into:

  1. Pros & Cons of BiteKeeper Pro alarms with receiver
  2. How is it different compared to other bite alarms on the market?
  3. Technology behind BiteKeeper Pro
  4. Who should buy it?
bite alarm set

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarms Set

In the package: You can choose to match one receiver with 1 to 4 alarm heads based on your fishing preferences when ordering a BiteKeeper Pro alarm set. The set comes neatly in a stylish black box for easy storage and portability. It also includes a charging cable (note the charging block needs to be purchased or you can use one you have). The box aslo includes a mesh bag for storing user manual and bobbins.


  • 5 indicator colors(red, green, blue, yellow and purple)
  • 7 customizable alarm tones and 7 sensitivity levels
  • Tone discrimination and a white light indication for drop-back.
  • 10-day standby time
  • Range of 80-100 meters

Customize with Ease via App / Receiver: The BiteKeeper Pro simplifies the setup process through its App. You can choose to use the buttons on the devices via the app for quick and easy customization. The app now supports three languages (English, French, and German) and allows you to change sensitivity, tone, and other settings. No learning curve or complicated steps! With the app, in cold and rainy weather, you can adjust the settings without leaving your cozy bivvy.

IP66 Waterproof: The BiteKeeper Pro has an IP66 waterproof rating. This means you can confidently use it even in heavy downpours without worrying about water damage. Even if it takes an accidental dive into the water, no worries! Its buoyancy design keeps it afloat, so you can easily scoop it up with a landing net.

Rechargeable: The BiteKeeper Pro features a magnetic charging head, making recharging a breeze. You can charge multiple devices simultaneously, saving time and ensuring all alarm devices and receivers are ready for your next fishing adventure. Additionally, the alarms can also be used while charging, providing uninterrupted functionality.

Compact and Durable: While the BiteKeeper Pro may be compact in size, it withstands heavy use. Its robust construction allows it to withstand the weight of a car without affecting its performance.

Stealth Mode: The BiteKeeper Pro can go under stealth mode by tapping on the toggle on your app, meaning you won’t disturb other anglers with unnecessary noise.

Bobbin Ports with Rubber Caps: The bobbin port is protected by a rubber cover, ensuring it is waterproof and dustproof.

Any cons?

  • No anti-theft system
  • No night light though the receiver has a night torch
rippton bitekeeper pro bite alarm
The ‘Smartest’ Bite Alarms EVER? | Rippton Bitekeeper Pro

Comparing to Bite Alarm Sets of Other Brands

Some features here that you may not find in most bite alarm set, even the well-established ones on the market:

Super Sensitivity: BiteKeeper Pro is so finely tuned that even a mere 0.2-inch movement of the fishing line is enough to activate it.

More Colour Options: With extra colour options to choose from, you can add a touch of personal style to your fishing gear.

Intuitive App: Our app takes the crown for having the best and easiest interface. You’ll effortlessly navigate through the app and customize your settings with intuitive ease. Even more, the BiteKeeper app is upgraded constantly to bring you the latest technological advancements, so you’ll always stay up-to-date with the coolest features.

No Battery Anxiety: Say goodbye to battery anxiety with the BiteKeeper Pro. Its rechargeable battery is sealed, ensuring long-lasting performance. Plus, you can conveniently power it up using your own power bank. Never again will you have to worry about your alarm running out of battery during those crucial fishing moments.

rechargeable bite alarm

Digging Into the Technology

To understand why the Bite Keeper Pro stands out, let’s explore the technology behind it.

PCBA with Advanced Algorithm

The BiteKeeper Pro Alarm’s impressive sensitivity is a result of several key factors, including its compact size, precise construction, multiple magnetic sensors, and the incorporation of a sophisticated PCBA algorithm. Anglers can rely on this advanced bite detection tool to alert them to even the most delicate fish bites.

highly sensitive bite alarm

Encapsulation Technique

The BiteKeeper Pro bite alarm utilizes a remarkable rubber encapsulation technique that significantly enhances its overall durability and reliability. With a torque rating of up to up to 17.38Ncm, there are no concerns about cracking or damage during installation. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the alarm can continue functioning even after being run over by a vehicle.

bite keeper pro encapsulation

Waterproofing Standards

Instead of relying on manually assembled silicone rings for waterproofing, the Bite Keeper Pro utilizes machine dispensing technology. This, combined with rigorous tests involving pressurized waterproof testing and simulated heavy rain scenarios, guarantees the solid level of waterproof performance.

bitekeeper alarm set

Who Should Buy It?

Mobile anglers will appreciate the BiteKeeper Pro’s exceptional portability and compact size. It is designed to be easily carried around, making it convenient for anglers who are frequently on the move.

For tech-savvy anglers, the BiteKeeper Pro offers an exciting hands-on experience with its smart features and user-friendly app interface. It seamlessly integrates technology into the fishing process, allowing anglers to personalize settings and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

That being said, with its impressive performance, convenience, and sensitivity, the BiteKeeper Pro can benefit anglers of almost any background or skill level.

In conclusion, the BiteKeeper Pro bite alarm set is a top choice for anglers seeking a portable and technologically advanced solution.It is also listed as one of the top bite alarms with receivers with prices ranging from around £200 to £400 in 2023. With its outstanding performance and sensitivity, the BiteKeeper Pro enhances the fishing experience and eliminates the chances of missing any bite!

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