Carp Fishing Setup for Beginners in 2023

This blog will provide you with all the information you need to set up your carp fishing essentials as a beginner in 2023.

1. Carp Fishing Rods

The first thing you’ll need is a good quality carp fishing rod. The size and weight of the rod depend on the size of the water you’re fishing in. For smaller waters, use a 10-foot rod with around 3lb test curve for easy travel and portability. If you’re fishing in larger waters, use a 12-foot rod with a higher test curve to cast further distances when mark and spombing out bait.

Our recommendation:

Daiwa Black Widow XT Carp Rod - 10ft / 2lb / 2pc - BWC0200-AX
35 Reviews
Daiwa Black Widow XT Carp Rod – 10ft / 2lb / 2pc – BWC0200-AX
  • HMC+ Lightweight Carbon Blank
  • Quality Reel Seat
  • Slim Profile Full Shrink Handle
  • LS Ceramic Rings
  • The two 10ft Stalker rods as well as the BWC2300(40)-AX feature a 40mm butt guide, while all others feature a 50mm guide.

2. Carp Fishing Reels

The reel should be able to handle the weight of the line and the fish you’re targeting. A good quality reel with a smooth drag system is recommended. Look for a reel with a line capacity of at least 250 yards.

Our recommendation:

Shimano Baitrunner DL RB, Size: 6000
639 Reviews
Shimano Baitrunner DL RB, Size: 6000
  • Gear Ratio: 4.6:1
  • Line Capacity mm/m: 0,30-370 / 0,35-240 / 0,40-140 / 0,45-110 pound/yds: 10/300, 12/265, 14/210, 20/120
  • Line Retrieve: 87 centimeter
  • Weight: 550 gram – 19.4 ounce
  • Bearings: 1 Shielded Stainless Steel

3. Carp Lines

The lines should have a test strength of 12lb or 15lb preferably.

Our recommendation:

Gardner GT-HD Monofilament 0.35mm 15lb 1030m
117 Reviews
Gardner GT-HD Monofilament 0.35mm 15lb 1030m
  • Maximum weight supported: 15 lb. (6.8 kg)
  • Diameter: 0.35 mm
  • Length: 1030 M

4. Carp Rod Holder

Investing in a rod holder is important as it keeps your rod securely in place and allows you to focus on other aspects of your fishing.

Our recommendation:

LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod + Carrycase
906 Reviews
LEEDA Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod + Carrycase
  • Designed for use with up to 3 rods, the Leeda rod pod has many features and overall looks of more expensive pods on the market, but at a fraction of the price.
  • The Leeda rod pod can be used in a variety of ways to offer the best choice for anglers who fish a variety of venues and require maximum support for their rods.
  • The Leeda rod pod includes the pod, buzz bars and also 8×10 inch single bank sticks, meaning it can be used in multiple ways. The pod is also supplied in a sturdy carry bag that has enough space to take 3 alarms and indicators to allow for these items to be kept on the buzz bars for quick set up once at the chosen swim.

5. Bite Alarm and Bobbin

A bite alarm set will alert you when there’s action on your line. Invest in a reliable bite alarm system that is sensitive enough to detect even the slightest bites and is adjustable to different fishing conditions. Also, use bobbins to help detect any movement on your line more easily.

Our recommendation:

Fox Black Label Dinky Bobbin (Orange)
24 Reviews
Fox Black Label Dinky Bobbin (Orange)
  • Classic old school look Carp fishing bobbins
  • Incredibly effective Carp fishing bite indication; Weight 10g
  • Injection moulded with an opaque coloured main body with two transparent isotope windows
  • Fitted with a 6ins black ball chain; Moulded line friendly pivoting ball line clip
  • Removable cap allows isotope (not supplied) to be inserted and perfectly align the line clip and isotope window

6. Bankstick

A good quality bankstick is necessary to hold your rod and bite alarm securely in place. A 16-inch bankstick would be suitable for most fishing situations.

Our recommendation:

89 Reviews
  • A World-First design
  • The width can be adjusted to suit any rod butt
  • Made from the highest quality stainless steel components
  • Precision engineered and CAD designed
  • Made in England

7. Landing Net and Unhooking Mat

A good quality landing net and unhooking mat are essential to safely handle and release the fish once caught. A 36-inch landing net should be sufficient for most carp fishing situations.

Our recommendation:

Guru NEW Commercial Carp/Coarse/Match Fishing Landing Net - Speed 400
435 Reviews
Guru NEW Commercial Carp/Coarse/Match Fishing Landing Net – Speed 400
  • Different landing net heads to cover any fishing situation that you re likely to find yourself in
  • The Speed 400, Speed 500, Competition 500 and Dual 550 models will handle everything from netting silver fish on light tackle through to bundling big carp into them
  • Alloy frames
  • Durable moulded spreader block
  • Quality screw thread complete with rubber washer so there is no twist when attached to a net handle

8. Tackle Box and Terminal Tackle

A tackle box is necessary to store and organize your fishing gear. It should contain basic needles, hooks, bait stops, leg clips, swivels, and braid or pre-tied rigs and other terminal tackles necessary for carp fishing.

NGT Tackle Box 7+1 Fishing Box Assorted Fishing Rig Box
267 Reviews
NGT Tackle Box 7+1 Fishing Box Assorted Fishing Rig Box
  • The ideal system for all small items and rigs neat and sorts to store
  • 1 x XXL Box with lid 36.5 cm x 29 cm x 6 cm
  • 6 x Small Boxes with Lids + 1 Rig Board

9. Bait Casting Tools

Bait casting tools such as PVA bags and spawns are essential carp fishing gear for presenting your bait accurately.

10. Bait

Finally, stock up on boilies and bait to attract carp to your line. There is a wide range of carp bait you can choose from. Research and experiment with different flavours and colours to find what works best for you.

In conclusion, we hope this guide helps you build a successful carp fishing setup. Remember to invest in high-quality gear, maintain proper care and maintenance, and stay safe while fishing. Carpe Diem!

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