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We take a detailed look at the soon to be released CatchX Pro from Rippton.

The CatchX Bait Boat from Rippton has become a hot favourite for carp anglers across the world. Considering it features everything from a 3kg payload, 800m range, 2.5 hour battery life and so much more, it’s little wonder why it has risen so far in popularity over the years. However, not to rest on their laurels, Rippton has announced that a new boat in the range will be released at some point in the near future. The CatchX Pro will be a beefed-up version of the current CatchX, and the features on this boat will transform the angling of the masses. Let’s take a closer look:

The basics of the CatchX Pro bait boat

Before we delve into the technological advancements that the CatchX Pro has made, let’s look at the basics. Now, it almost feels like an insult to label anything on this boat as ‘basic’, but it’s true that anglers, first and foremost, need a boat that delivers bait accurately, quickly and to multiple spots. However, the rise of bait boat use has forced companies to provide much more bang for the customers buck, something that Rippton has delivered here.

CatchX Pro bait boat

The boat has a 3kg payload over 2 individually controlled hoppers, but in collaboration with their supreme fishing app, you can also save an unlimited number of fishing spots along with a one touch recall button. So, what does this mean? Well, you can load the boat, place it in the water and select the saved spot to drop the bait and rig. Once the goods have been delivered, a single touch sends the boat back to your feet. No steering, no wasted battery life on zig zagging trips, and no unnecessary spread of bait when fishing tight areas. Not to mention the 2.5 hour battery that comes as standard in the boat. In simple terms and without exaggeration, this will make you a far more accurate, efficient and successful angler.

Fish Finder

The CatchX Pro comes with the option of a state-of-the-art fish finder from Rippton. Enabled by their new M2 chirp, the CatchX Pro’s new fish finder ensures a stable connection with your phone with a range of 300 metres which leaves other fish finders in the dust, as they are typically limited to 120 metres. It can investigate the water depth, water temperature and fish location, and the sonar has multiple mapping modes for different circumstances and can create a unique bathymetric map of the places you fish. As part of the mapping function the CatchX Pro will automatically record every potential fishing point on the Rippton app. You can select the most suitable location for baiting or placing a hook. All the spots are private, and you can freely edit every waypoint to generate your own logbook.

CatchX Pro fish finder

This sonar fish finder is an incredibly worthwhile add on to the CatchX Pro bait boat, and has become a firm fixture in the angling world. Furthermore, the over-the-air (OTA) technology between the app, and boat and the sonar ensures a seamless connection, along with automatic updates and real time views and controls. No longer do you need to review sonar footage after the fact, and try to deduce where spots, depths and fish are – instead you can view everything in real-time to give you the best chance of landing that PB.

Instead of choosing a built-in sonar model, Rippton connects its fish finder to the CatchX Pro bait boat with an arm, allowing the upgrade and changing of the sonar to be easy and quick as a snap.  NO NEED TO invest a fortune to purchase a new bait boat and stand the complaints from your Mrs. You can always equip your bait boat with a trendsetting sonar. What game-changing functions will Rippton add to its next sonar? Let’s wait and see.

The CatchX Pro has a single-handed remote

Typically, bait boats come with an oversized, heavy, awkward and frankly unnecessary remote that serves a very rudimentary purpose of steering the boat and dropping the bait. The biggest issue that these remotes pose is the awkwardness aspect of them. Nowadays, anglers want to utilise sonar fish finders and underwater cameras along with their bait boats, which means the addition of several pieces of equipment like tablet holders and tripods, or even worse, trying to operate a bait boat while watching a smartphone balanced on a bait bucket at your feet.

Using the CatchX Pro bait boat

Now, a select few manufacturers have swapped out the bulky controls for a single handed remote, and Rippton is one of those few manufacturers, however Rippton takes it a step further with the addition of a smartphone mount on the single-handed remote to operate all the technological features on the boat controlled within the Rippton App.

Rippton Fishing App

This app brings all the stunning tech and hardware of the boat together in a user-friendly and powerful way. Gone are the days of switching between fish finder and control apps on your phone as both can be used in real time through the same screen. The app automatically updates your CatchX Pro through OTA (over-the-air) software to ensure that the firmware is always running at the most recent. So, what can you do with the app? Take a look:

  • Control the CatchX Pro
  • Mark spots
  • Change spots
  • Share catches
  • Access knowledge and tips
  • Access publicly shared spots
  • Access weather forecasts
  • Connect with other anglers

This app ties together supreme hardware and innovative software to make your angling much more accurate and easier, along with making sure everything is working as it should.

Rippton Fishing App

Reimagined Hardcore Technology

Empowered by Rippton’s self-developed data transmission module, dual-aerial design and highly integrated navigation control system Parrot, CatchX Pro can sustain professional levels of performance on stable and fluid transmission of signals and images, accurate baiting and agile control. As we have mentioned throughout this guide – the OTA technology on the CatchX Pro’s boat, app and sonar add on is an incredible resource to make use of on the bank, and it can really give you the edge on difficult waters.

Autopilot, Failsafe and Interference Control

With the Autopilot feature, simply set the baiting spot, or spots, and route on the app. GPS and autopilot function allows your bait boat automatically to sail to its destination. It will return automatically to home spot when losing signal or the battery is running low. Additionally, the fish finder and bait boat will not interfere with each other, something which has plagued other boats across the market. The extreme compatibility between integrated technologies in the boat prevents any interference and signal loss.

This boat could mark a new era for bait boats in the fishing community. The power, accuracy and versatility of the CatchX Pro will be incomparable to the rest of the market, particularly with a price of just £1499. If you’re in the market for a new bait boat, the best advice would be to hold off until 29/10/2022 and secure a CatchX Pro as soon as you can. The benefits this will bring to anyone’s angling will be stark, and the hardware is built to last, as Rippton’s reputation can ratify. The combination of powerful boat, accurate and integrated fish finder and easy to control app, the CatchX Pro will be the hottest boat in town upon its release. You heard it here first.xdd

Where can I buy the CatchX Pro bait boat

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