Best Bait Boats, Top 15 Bait Boats On The Market

What are the best bait boats on the market? We look at the top 15 bait boats money can buy.

Carp anglers dream of their perfect setup. Customised big pit reels, a luxury memory foam bedchair, engraved rods – they all make the list, but if you could have any bait boat to complete your dream set up, what would it be? We set ourselves on an arduous mission to find out what are the best bait boats on the market today.

Here are our top 15 bait boats for carp fishing.

Results are in no particular order

Waverunner MK4 Bait Boat

1. Waverunner MK4 Bait Boat – from £899

The Waverunner MK4 is widely considered one of the best bait boats on the market, with thousands of these boats sold across Europe since they were first launched. The MK4 is the largest bait boat in the Waverunner range, allowing it to deliver large quantities of bait at greater distances thanks to the twin-hopper design.

Offering a huge 5kg bait capacity, 2 hours of runtime and a range of up to 1000 meters, it’s not a surprise that many anglers still consider the Waverunner MK4 as one of the best bait boats money can buy. It weighs just 8.5kg and offers superb reliability. The incredible range on the MK4 bait boat makes it a popular choice for anglers who fish larger waters, both at home and abroad.

This bait boat offers 2 x hoppers & 2 x hook releases built into the boat, offering a variety of bait delivery and rig placement options. The perfect all-water option for the serious angler.

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Waverunner Atom Best Bait Boat

2. Waverunner Atom Bait Boat – from £745

With the Waverunner Atom, we start moving into the most renowned and celebrated boats on the market. The Atom was explicitly designed for use on UK waters, with a focus on keeping the model compact, accurate and able to reach snaggy areas under trees and in amongst weed. Darrell Peck, from Korda, has this to say about the Waverunner Atom:

“The thing that has struck me the most is the battery life – it just seems to go on and on especially when topped up from the solar panel.”

The Atom can be used at ranges up to a staggering 500m, carrying 1.5kg of bait and running for over 2 hours on a full charge. The patented rig release system has unrivalled accuracy for when each inch count. The boat features different lights that can be controlled individually, allowing for a completely customised experience. The Atom has been deep in the hearts of many anglers in the UK for some time now, and it’s easy to see why.

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3. CatchX Pro GPS Bait Boat – £1499

The CatchX Pro is a complete and integrated solution that surpasses its predecessor, the CatchX, in terms of precision, power, and versatility. The user-friendly control system eliminates any interference between the fish finder and bait boat, allowing you to multitask effortlessly. You can quickly set the baiting spot(s) and route via the app, and the CatchX Pro will be ready for action. The GPS and autopilot features enable the bait boat to navigate autonomously to its destination, making your fishing experience even more convenient.

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CatchX Black Samurai

4. CatchX Black Samurai – £949

Almost every Rippton bait boat user would say they are impressed by Rippton’s top-class customer service. The Rippton team is always able to stand in the shoes of the customers and listen to the customers’ voices. Brewed in real customer feedback, CatchX Black Samurai comes as a beefed-up version of CatchX. It has perfectly inherited all the advantages of CatchX from 3kg loading capacity to single-handed remote, and from autopilot function to failsafe design. Needless to say, it also can be controlled via the Rippton fishing app or the upgraded single-handed remote. But don’t mistake it for a black, two-hopper version of CatchX. The name Black Samurai has indicated the features of this bait boat – precise, agile and persevering. The black shell moulded by quality material is a low-key statement of the interior upgrade covered underneath. The CatchX Black Samurai has a larger battery capacity and huge upgrades to the sensor and software, with support for auto calibration and free lifetime OTA upgrades. The highly integrated navigation control system named Parrot promises the fluid and steadfast signal transmission and agile control. The upgraded remote does not only reflect in the slightly larger size but also more advanced chips and PCB boards. It is the ideal GPS bait boat that you’ll never regret having.

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The Procat MK111 Best Bait Boat For Sale


5. Angling Technics Procat MKIII – from £699

Angling Technics need little introduction due to their years of revolutionary bait boat inventions that they have brought to modern carp fishing, and this isn’t their only inclusion on the top ten list. Now, at first glance, you can be forgiven for thinking that the Procat’s features are somewhat lacking when compared to other bait boats, but the most significant feature of the Procat, and the feature that has made it the best-selling bait boat of all time, is in its weight. It may only deliver 0.75kg of bait in its hopper and last 90 minutes on a full charge, but it weighs just 2.75kg with its battery.

This makes it the perfect choice for a quick session, when you want to get on the bank quickly and quietly, and where every action makes a difference. Affordable, practical and ideal for the mobile or short-session angler.

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The Microcat MK111 Bait Boat

6. Angling Technics Microcat – from £999

From one extreme to the other, and another entry for Angling Technics with the Microcat MKIII. This fully loaded MKIII variation is a heavy hitter and genuinely elegant addition to any setup. Angling Technics may have created an affordable model for their fans with the Procat, but this Microcat MKIII with Bluesounder Echo System was designed to do it all. The twin hoppers are designed to hold everything from particles to boilies, carrying a ton of bait, and the hoppers can actually be opened individually, allowing you to bait up different spots on the same trip. The HD batteries keep the boat running for up to 70 minutes, which is relatively short in comparison to other boats, but the batteries are easily removable and can be charged on the bank with a power bank. The Bluesounder Echo system runs on 3xAA batteries and lasts for up to 250 hours, and the system works with any smartphone.

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Waverunner Shuttle

7. Waverunner Shuttle – from £725

The Waverunner Shuttle is considered to be one of the most accurate and easy to handle bait boats available. You can accurately drop your bait in the same spot time and time again thanks to the built-in auto-pilot. With a 1.5kg bait capacity, 500m range and 2 hours of battery life, the Waverunner Shuttle is the perfect all-rounder. It’s the smallest in the Waverunner range of boats making it perfect for the shorter sessions and smaller venues.

Running time is around two hours per pair of fully charged batteries, which gives you plenty of use. Powered by twin motors which are very quiet compared to some other boats meaning you can spin 360 degrees on the spot.

Conclusions; small, lightweight and very nippy. A perfect boat for day sessions or smaller lakes. Packed full of great features and looks the part too!

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Anatec Catamaran Top Ten Bait Boat

8. Anatec Catamaran bait boat – from £1099

The Anatec Catamaran presents the first celebrity bait boat on our list, having been used during a BBC documentary ‘Otters Blue Planet’ and films for the National Geographic channel. The Catamaran is often referred to as ‘The Daddy’ of bait boats, which is apt considering it’s been in production for 25 years.

This bait boat can also be supplied with a fish finder + GPS, which will be installed and tested before dispatch. It offers twin hoppers that can be individually controlled, a rig release system and powerful dual motors. The motors in the Catamaran are incredibly impressive, achieving speeds of 1 metre per second, and a range up to 500m allowing you to place bait and rigs in quick time on vast waters. The Catamaran does represent the most expensive boat on our last, but that is due to the quality components that make up the boat, along with the extensive aftercare service available when bought through Bait Boat World

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The new upgraded Anatec Catamaran is now available with brushless motors & lithium batteries, from £1699.

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The Lake Reaper is one of the best bait boats

9. Lake Reaper Bait Boat – from £349.99

This is the most affordable bait boat to make the top ten list, priced at £349. Considering this boat is priced so much lower than the majority of others on the list, it genuinely boasts some fantastic features.

The 400m range makes it a great option in almost any water, it carries a kilo of bait, comes with an additional battery, the hooklink trap door is foolproof and effective, and it’s virtually silent in the water. You could do much worse than the Lake Reaper bait boat, especially for under £600, and for that reason, it makes the top ten list. You can view our extensive review of the Lake Reaper bait boat here.

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RC Bait Boat

10. RC Bait Boat

The cheapest bait boat on the market, this streamlined bait boat can hold 1.5kg of bait and is made from durable ABS plastic. While lacking the features of its more expensive counterparts, this RC bait boat is perfect for the beginner or occasional bait boat user. You should be able to get around 2 hours of use from this bait boat on a fully charged set of batteries. For less than £150, expect some issues in high winds and choppy waters, but for smaller estate lakes, this boat should work well.

Anatec PAC Evo bait boat

11. Anatec PAC Starter Bait Boat

One of the best value bait boats money can buy! You now receive a full two-year warranty as standard, including postage, parts and labour.

Lightweight and very easy to use you can’t go wrong with this best-selling bait boat from the Anatec Brand. Easy and simple to operate, you will get around 1.5 run time from a fully charged set of batteries.

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GPS Bait Boat With Fish Finder

12. GPS Bait Boat With Fish Finder

New to the market, this bait boat is packed with features which rival some of the most expensive brands on the market. This boat has a huge bait capacity and range of 600 meters. The GPS function ensures your bait of free offerings are automatically returned to the same spot time after time. This can give you a real edge on your angling, allowing you to build up baited areas with pinpoint accuracy.

The touch screen remote has the capacity to remember 8 GPS locations. This bait boat also comes with a fish finder as standard.

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ND Smart Bait Boat

13. ND Tackle Smart Bait Boat – from £950

New Direction bait boats are relatively new to the market, however, they are fast gaining a reputation as one of the best bait boat manufacturers out there. The ND Smart Bait Boat is packed with features including an easy-to-use app which allows you to save and keep fishing the same spots over and over again. The one-handed controller allows you to effortlessly position your rig and bait. A great choice for the modern, tech-savvy carp angler.

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Carp Technics Sb4 Pro bait boat

14. Carp Technics Sb4 Pro bait boat – from £775

The Carp Technics Sb4 bait boat offers a compact design that has proved popular with anglers. These boats are 100% built in the UK and are now considered one of the best bait boats on the market today.

This bait boat is just 44 cm long and only weighs an incredible 3kg including the battery. Offering a running time of approximately 2.5 hours on a single charge. Much like the Angling Technics Procat, the Sb4 is proving very popular for the roving angler, perfect for day sessions.

Nothing has been left to chance with the Sb4 Pro. The build quality is incredible and ensures total reliability from the very first time you use this bait boat. The Sb4 is equipped internally with high quality branded components, as used in the world of professional RC models. Every component is inspected for quality and tested before and during the production process.

The SB4 Pro is at home on both your local estate lake and windswept reservoir. It has been used extensively across Europe and is at home on most types of water. It has been carefully designed to cope with most types and sizes of lakes, it will even deliver more bait than some boats twice its size, and just as important will pack away small for storage in the boot of your car for your adventure.

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Carplounge RT4

15. Carplounge RT4 – from £1,050

One of the most popular options in our list of top ten bait boats is the Carplounge RT4.

It’s no secret how highly we think of the Carplounge RT4 bait boat, just take a look at our in-depth review here, to see how impressed we were with it. But, it’s not just us that hold the Carplounge RT4 in high regard, Korda used and heralded the boat on their Masterclass 6 series, most notably used by Ali Hamidi at the famous Bury Hill Fisheries. But, why is the Carplounge RT4 top of our list of best bait boats? First of all, it looks the epitome of class with its carbon design that adorns the hand-built boat, with the bright LED headlights at the front and the aerodynamic under boat design. The boat features two rig release systems, with twin hoppers that can be individually operated to allow you bait two spots, with accurate rig placement on each in a single trip. The Carplounge RT4 is powered by twin jet drives to ensure straight and fast operation and the battery life, Carplounge claim, will last for a staggering 16km.

The features included in the standard £1,050 are superb, and a real triumph for Carplounge considering the praise that the boat has garnered. However, this boat tops the list for one big reason. The customisation options for the Carplounge are incredible. You can alter everything from boat design to the inclusion of GPS, fish finders, depth mapping, HD recording cameras, upgraded batteries, transportation and anything else you could ever want to customise. Carplounge offers anglers the opportunity to build the absolute best bait boat in the world for their angling, without question. The price obviously varies depending on the customisations, but complete luxury comes at a price.

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