Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder Review

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The Deeper Pro+ (plus) fish finder was supposed to bring in a new era of fishing across multiple disciplines. The carp angler would no longer need to rely on the feel of a marking lead as it vibrates through the line, the match angler would no longer need to set their float at multiple depths, and the sea angler would have no trouble locating fish in the vast expanse of water they fish in. But, did the fish finder live up to its hype? Let’s find out in this Deeper Pro Plus fish finder review.

Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder Review

Quick Facts

Price: £209.99 (Amazon)
Uses: Onshore, sea and boat fishing
Availability: Widely available with various retailers.

First of all, it’s important to note that no fish finder can guarantee the catch of a dream fish or a red-letter session. Instead, it’s a tool that increases the accuracy and efficiency of learning about the water you fish in, to allow the angler to use their watercraft to capitalise on the advantages the fish finder provides.

Packaging and ‘In The Box’

The Deeper Pro Plus comes in very impressive packaging, making it look and feel like a high-quality product. Included in the box is the Deeper Pro+ fish finder, an interchangeable orange top section for increased visibility, a screw-in ring attachment for securing the fish finder to either a bait boat, boat or rod, a USB charging cable and soft carry bag. Of course, there is a detailed information pack about how to use the fish finder, the app and the Deeper LakeBook software that we’ll cover later on in the article. The set-up is incredibly simple, and after charging for a few hours, the Deeper Pro+ will be ready to go.

For boats and bait boats, there is an arm that you can purchase from deeper that will attach the fish finder safely to the boat, but when using it with a rod and line, you must attach it with a knot. As you would do with a spod or a heavy marker float and lead set-up, it’s advisable to use a strong braid with a shockleader to reduce the risk of crack off’s and the risk of sending your new fish finding gadget hurtling across the lake. You’d also be best served by using a rod with a test curve of over 4lb.

Weight & Connection

When you first feel the weight of the Deeper Pro+ on your rod, it is noticeable heavy and the weariness of casting the fish finder is undoubtedly apparent. However, maybe this is an unnecessary worry, having never experienced any breakages or issues with using it in a wide variety of scenarios including casting it 200yards across a reservoir.

It’s probably best to drop the fish finder into the water at your feet to activate the gadget, ready to find on your smartphone or tablet. The full details on connectivity will be in the user manual, and while it can feel a little confusing at first, it becomes second nature. Now, there is a tool available to buy from Deeper that allows you to attach your smartphone device to your rod, enabling you to view the sonar feedback in real-time. Still, it doesn’t feel nearly sturdy enough to be casting ferociously with, so you’d be better investing in a stand for your tablet or phone and placing it on a bivvy table or bucket.


Using the finder is very straightforward, but you should read about the different modes and settings available before mapping out your swim. You can choose a narrow or wide sonar reach, with the narrows providing a much more accurate view of the lake below it, but over a significantly smaller surface area. In contrast, the wide scop allows you to map out your swim in general in just a few casts. It’s best to reel back in slowly to avoid bobbing the fish finder in and out of the water and affecting the depth perception of the sonar. Of course, with a fixed arm on a boat or bait boat, the Deeper Pro+ is fixed in place, taking away all of these operation and weight issues.


The Deeper App and the LakeBook software require much more of a write up than any article could provide. In fact, you could write a book about all the features and uses of each which is a genuine testament to the effort and attention to detail from Deeper to produce a fish finder that is not only affordable but extensive. In short, the Deeper app provides a detailed view of the depth in your swim, along with what is on the bottom, whether it be silt, weed or clear patches. It also shows you fish indicators that you can choose to turn off. It will also save a map from allowing you to go back over the area that you have mapped for return sessions. This is a great feature that will be invaluable to those anglers that spend years on a water before moving on. The LakeBook software is on another level again. It has all the features of the app just in more detail, along with a personal journal option allowing you to make notes about waters, swims and spots for future reference. These software’s are a professional anglers dream.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 100g
Depth Range: 2ft-260ft
Sonar Type: Dual beam Frequency (Beam cone) 290 kHz (15°)/90 kHz (55°)
Operating Temperature: -20c – 40c
Connection Range: 330ft


Angling always hinges on painfully tight margins. Placing a rig 5ft in another direction can be the difference between a dream session and a blank, and when fishing challenging venues finding the fish can be harder than catching them. The Deeper Pro+ allows you to find hidden spots, deeper areas, shallow gravel bars, shoals of baitfish and much more. But ultimately, it’s what the angler does with the information the determines how useful it is. The Deeper Pro Plus fish finder allows you to find the best places to fish quickly, accurately and with as little disturbance as possible, which in itself is almost invaluable. Ideally, it would be a little lighter and maybe more aerodynamic, but neither of those things impedes what a great piece of technology this has brought to the angling world.

Where To Buy

You can buy the Deeper Pro Plus fish finder directly from both Amazon and eBay.

RetailerPriceBuy Now
Amazon Logo£209.99Buy Now
ebay logo£284.99Buy Now
Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder Review
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The Deeper Pro+ will improve your angling, both in speed and accuracy. The price is fair considering the amount of technology involved in the fish finder, and you’d still pay more for a lot of other non-essential equipment. This is a powerful tool to have in rod bag.

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