Microcat Bait Boat Bag, Angling Technics Microcat Bait Boat Bags

We look at some of the best Mircocat bait boat bags on the market today.

There are a number of bags available for the popular Angling Technics Microcat bait boat. We explore some of the most popular Microcat bait boat bags below.

Microcat Bait Boat Bag

Angling Technics Microcat Custom Bait Boat Bag From The Cabin

A high-quality bait boat bag designed specifically for the Microcat. This carry bag is well padded and waterproof and comes with padded carry handles and shoulder straps to ensure the weight of the Microcat is well distributed. There are 3 internal pockets which are ideal for the handset and accessories such as fish finders, chargers and spare batteries. There is also a large external pocket which is ideal for a solar panel or other bait boat accessories. This item is available from The Cabin who are specialists in Bait Boats and accessories.

Price: £62 (free UK shipping)

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Saber Microcat Bait Boat Bag

Saber Universal Large Bait Boat Bag (fits Microcat)

A well designed universal bait boat bag that fits the Angling Technics Microcat. The design is similar to the above from The Cabin as it features 3 internal pockets to house accessories and one larger external pocket. The padded carry straps and handles make transportation of your Microcat bait boat that little bit easier.

Price: £59.95 (free UK shipping)

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Camo Microcat Bait Boat Bag

Saber Camo Large Bait Boat Bag (fits Microcat)

A camo version of the Saber large bait boat bag mentioned above. Great for those wanting a camo design to match the rest of their kit. It is supplied with a padded PVC mat to protect the boat when placing the bag on hard surfaces.

Price: £64.95 (free UK shipping)

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NGT Padded Microcat Bait Boat Bag

NGT Universal Large Padded Bait Boat Bag

A well-padding bait boat bag from NGT which is perfect for the Angling Technics Microcat. For less than £40, this bait boat bag offers ample protection for your Microcat and features removal inner sections so you can easily adapt it to match your range of accessories, chargers and batteries. The carry strap is well-padded ensuring it is easy to transport.

Price: £32.90 (free UK shipping)

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Accessory Bag for your Microcat

Accessory Bag for your Microcat

A deluxe bait boat accessory bag for your Microcat. This extra bag can carry your handset, fish finders, extra batteries and chargers without over-loading your main bag. There are 5 total compartments which make this bag perfect for all your accessories. Finished in a very carpy Oxford Green colour. A must-have accessory bag for your Microcat bait boat.

Price: £34.00 (free UK shipping)

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