Bait Boat Servicing, Repair & Upgrades

It is possible to service and repair most major makes and models of bait boats. In this article, we explore some of the different options available.


Although modern bait boats are well made and some come with multiple year guarantees, sometimes things can go wrong. Many companies now offer a bait boat repair service along with bait boat servicing and upgrades. Regular use can cause electrical issues and water damage is commonplace in some bait boats, with certain models being more prone to damage than others. Prolonged periods of inactivity can also damage your bait boat, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly before being put into storage.

Bear Creeks Bait Boats

It is possible to service and repair most major makes and models, including Angling Technics, Viper, Waverunner, Lakestar and Jabo bait boats.

Bait Boat Repairs

Bait Boat Works will thoroughly assess your bait boat by using diagnostic testing to find the root cause of any issues. Their team are experienced RC experts and can repair most bait boats. They can repair lighting, motors, batteries, chargers, pumps, handsets, PCB boards and most internal and external components. They carry a stock of major components so you can rest assured your bait boat is in good hands.

Bait Boat Wiring

Each bait boat repair is unique. Bait Boat Works will try their best to quote you as accurately as possible before you send your bait boat in for repair. Once they have assessed your boat they will provide a finalised quotation before they carry out any work. To get a quotation, simply contact them directly here.

Bait Boat Servicing

Regular servicing of your bait boat will keep it in tip-top condition for years to come. It is possible to service most major makes and models of bait boats. A bait boat service is essential to keep all the major seals, wiring and components in good working condition. This will make your bait boat more efficient and can significantly prolong its working life. A bait boat service generally includes:

  • Inspection of the bait boat hull, check for any areas which may need repair.
  • Cleaning of the boat inside and out.
  • Checking the radio functionality of the bait boat and range.
  • Ensuring all wiring and lighting are working as required and repairing any wiring or LED’s.
  • Cleaning of the motors and other moving parts.
  • Re-greasing moving parts to ensure all moving components are well lubricated.
  • Resealing of the boat.

Lake Reaper Bait Boat

Bait Boat Upgrades

You can breathe new life into your old bait boat by having major components upgraded. Examples of bait boat upgrades include:

  • Conversion to 2.4ghz radio can be carried out to most makes and models.
  • Self-priming pumps for Angling Technics bait boats.
  • LED lighting kits for added visibility.
  • Hopper conversions
  • Battery upgrades
  • Battery indicators
  • Bait boat fish finder fitting.
  • Lipo battery conversions to some bait boats for the extra running time.

We recommend contacting a specialist should you need your bait boat serviced, repaired or if you require an upgrade.

Here are some companies to consider

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32 thoughts on “Bait Boat Servicing, Repair & Upgrades”

    • Hi lee I have got a micro cat bait boat and
      One of bait shutters don’t open is it needs gracing or is it a electric problem please help I don’t wont to pay lots of cash for repair if it only needs grecing?

  1. Hi,

    I have 2 viper icon bait boats I would like serviced and one has an impeller problem likely to need replacing! Please could you let me know what your price would be for servicing both boats for me ? Regards Mervyn King.

  2. hi ya,
    i need a service on my bait boat and a new motor its a angling technics bait boat would you have any idea of the price also where are you based im also thinking of the transport costs..
    hope to hear from you soon .

  3. Hi everyone, I have a bait boat Raptor and I have problem with the right hand side propeller. The motor works fine but the propeller doesn’t spin. I think is something with the axis. The problem is that I can’t split the base from the top due to its been glued and I’m afraid I can damage the body. So I need some professional to do it for me.
    Has anyone knows some contacts for a company which is doing bait boat repairs.
    Many thanks

  4. Hi there I was wondering if you could help me. I have a procat mk2 baitboat and it’s bin working fine for a while and I used it yesterday and after driving it out about 50 yards or so the propellers started flickering and going out of control. If you could give me a call my number is 07535501056 or email me . Thank you

  5. Hi I have lake star bait boat that upgraded I need serviced and there seems be problem with flaps opening sometimes ok sometimes just won’t open

    Please can help service and repair boat

    Thanks Martin


  6. Hi guy,s
    I have just received a lake reaper bait boat as a present and I would like to know do you sell the universal fitting separately as I already have got a new sonar and if possible would like to attach it to the new boat.
    Many thanks
    07495 565714

  7. Hi

    Can you repair Microcats. My handle snapped on my Mk3 the other day and requires a replacement. I’d say the boat is also due a service. May I ask for a quote and a turn around time please as I’m off to France in September?

    Many thanks


  8. hi do you service procat mk1 bait boats?
    it needs looking at as lights are flashing on the boat when receiver is switched on can you help?

  9. Hi I’m wondering if you can help me I have the mini lakestar bait boat and one of the motors is not giving the same amount of power as the other side!! Are you able to fix this pls? Also if you can what would your price for fixing this problem?
    Many thanks mark

    • Hi i have an RT4 bait boat that is showing a fault once the controller is turned on, boats lights all start flashing, bty strength disappears and shows a boat bty fault, can you repair?

  10. Hi I have tried to find your premises as I only live in Hanley but had no joy , I would prefer to give work to a local company than send my boat away , are you still in business ?

  11. Hi I have a big lake boat seems to be running down the right hand battery before the other one which holds its power it’s the same with the two sets of batteries so I know it’s not a battery problem do you think it can be fixed and can you give me a guide to possible cost your help would be appreciated regard Nigel

  12. Hi I have a mark3 microcat how much do you charge for a full service please.also we have an old microcat. How much to upgrade and service this one please

  13. Hi, I have a dyna craft boat, non working, I would like Al the insides replaced, upgraded with new handset, and fish finder fitted. Please et me know if you can help me.

  14. Hi I have a procat mk 1 one of the motors has gone very slow when going forward turning and reverse is fine any idea of the fault and approx cost to repair ty

  15. Hi I have a dyna-craft mk 2 and think the motor has seized would you be able to repair this and how much aprox would it be thanks

  16. Hi I have managed to put the leads on the wrong way round on my waverunner Mark 4 bait boat what damage could I have caused as it won’t work now

  17. Hi i just purchased a vioer mk3 and the left motor as just stopped working and is stuck on and will not move can u help me out wirh this problem

  18. whats so hard about stoping the leak in my bait boat this has been going on since the beginning of the year its cost over£ 500 and I still have not got my boat and you wont answer my calls or my messages , I sen’t a recorded letter its been two working weeks with no reply .

    • Hi Alan, we don’t service or repair bait boats as stated in this article! You will have to contact the company you sent your bait boat too for more information about your repair.

  19. Hi have recently bought a waverunner atom and would like to get a full service done ,do you still do this and what would be an estimated cost


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