Cheap Bait Boats, The Best Budget Bait Boats For Sale

Cheap bait boats for sale below £500. We look at the best budget bait boats available on the market.

Looking for cheap bait boats to add to your angling amour? We explore the best budget bait boats available today.

Each bait boat listed costs less than £500 and comes with the required batteries and charger. Many of these cheap bait boats listed offer a range of features that you would expect in more expensive models, and there are some excellent value options for under £500 available.

These budget bait boats are listed below in no particular order.

Anatec PAC Starter
Lake Reaper Bait Boat
Big Lake Bait Boat MK3
The Procat MK3
The Actor Bait Boat
Goolsky Flytec Bait Boat
Fishing People Baiting 500 V3
500M RC Bait Boat

Anatec PAC Starter

Anatec PAC Starter Cheap Bait Boat

The Anatec range of bait boats are known for their superior build quality and durability. Previously, they didn’t offer a budget bait boat, but they have recently released the PAC Starter model priced at under £500. This bait boat is slowly gaining a reputation as one of the best value bait boats on the market today, providing customers with a fantastic balance of quality and price. The Anatec PAC Starter holds a considerable 1kg of bait and has a runtime of 3 hours on a full battery. The boat is impressively nimble across the water, even in less than favourable conditions.

The radio handset uses a 2.4ghz frequency, which prevents any potential interference without boats on the water. The handset itself has been designed with first-time boat users in mind, with its simple interface proving popular with its users. The Anatec PAC Starter features a rig release system, independently operated from the large hopper, allowing you to drop a rig right on top of the free offerings, and ensuring your rig is in the perfect spot. As a bonus, this cheap bait boat comes as standard with a spare set of batteries, a bag and the required charger as standard.

Features include:

  • 2.4ghz radio frequency ensures it is nearly impossible to interfere with other bait boats.
  • Simple to use handset with separate hopper release switch. This stops accidental bait release when operating the bait boat.
  • 3 hours of use from a fully charged set of batteries.
  • Sturdy in choppy waters.
  • Bright LED’s make this boat easily visible in low-light conditions.
  • One of the fastest bait boats on the market today.
  • LED battery level indicator.
  • 1kg bait hopper capacity.

Best price: £474.99

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Lake Reaper Bait Boat

Lake Reaper Cheap Bait Boats

You could argue that the Lake Reaper was the first true budget bait to exist on the market, and to its testament, it has stood the test of time with anglers across the world. The impressive price of just £325 plays a big factor in its popularity, along with its long battery life and its 1kg bait hopper. For years, people have used the low price Lake Reaper as an entry-level bait boat, using it to discover what effect a bait boat would have on their angling. Of course, if you’re unsure how much use you would get from a bait boat, you’d be unlikely to pay over £1,000 for one to find out. The online reviews for the Lake Reaper speak for themselves, and usually, they centre around how impressive the performance is versus the price.

The range of the Lake Reaper is 400m, which covers the majority of waters and if you’re fishing past that range, you’d need a very specialist bait boat to suit that type of angling. The bait capacity of 1kg is similar to boats twice its price, and even if you need to build up a spot with more than 1kg of bait, the speed and long battery life of the Lake Reaper enables you to build up a spot very quickly. While we’re on the subject of the Lake Reaper’s engines, the dual propellors feature anti-tangle weed guards to stop any floating weed or algae infiltrating the engine system and causing any issues. For rig placement, the rig release system is a fantastic addition, and the boat has a ‘chug-along’ feature that will bring the boat to a meticulous crawl to enable perfectly accurate rig placements. Over 1,000 people have purchased the Lake Reaper on the eBay store alone, which is a reflection on the positive reactions people have had to it over the years. You can click the link below to read out full exploration of the Lake Reaper below, or you can click the button to the Howes eBay store, to purchase the Lake Reaper.

Read our Lake Reaper Bait Boat review here

Features include:

  • 2.4Ghz frequency ensures the Lake Reaper does not interfere with other anglers bait boats and fish finders.
  • Range of approximately 400 meters depending on conditions.
  • The batteries are included, these are 2 x 6v 5ah batteries and offer an approximate run time of 3 hours.
  • Bait capacity of 1KG.
  • Weed guard to prevent tangles.
  • Chug-along feature allows for precise placement of your hookbait time after time.
  • A separate hopper switch on the handset prevents accidental bait release.

The Lake Reaper has been around for many years and is considered by many to be one of the best budget bait boats available. Over 900 people have purchased the Lake Reaper direct from Howes Models via their eBay store.

Approx price: £364.99

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Big Lake Bait Boat MK3

Big Lake Cheap Bait Boats

A relatively unknown cheap bait boat which has gained some popularity over the last couple of years is the Big Lake MK3 bait boat. It’s designed and manufactured in the UK, offering a quality after-market maintenance and repair service. The Big Lake MK3 has a solid reputation for its reliability and build quality, with its twin motors ensuring the boat moves quickly across the water without causing too much of a disruption and being sturdy enough to move well in poor conditions.

The Big Lake MK3 features a large bait hopper that holds a good couple of kilos of bait, depending on the type of bait and the LED’s that adorn the hull of the boat enables you to bait up at night and in poor visibility. The separate rig release system also allows you to drop your rig above the free bait, giving you every advantage on the bank. The rig release also has a separate switch on the handset that prevents any accidental rig releases. The Lipo batteries give you a solid 2 hours of runtime, making the Big Lake MK3 a perfect option of short sessions, and the boat features a battery indicator so you can see how much runtime you have left before needing to charge the batteries.

The Big Lake MK3 is definitely higher up the price scale for budget bait boats, but it’s also one of the most proven for its quality.

You can read our full review of the Big Lake MK3 bait boat here

Features include:

  • 2.4Ghz radio system to prevent interference with other bait boats.
  • 400 meters range.
  • The Lipo battery option we recommend offers 2 hours of continuous run-time when fully charged.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • Very stable and reliable in most water conditions.
  • Large bait capacity.
  • 1-year warranty

The handset takes 4 x AA batteries which are not included. The price includes free UK delivery. The only downside is that the Big Lake boat doesn’t come with a bag, although universal bait boat bags can be purchased separately on eBay here.

Approx price: £450.00 (with upgraded lipo batteries and IMAX charger)

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The Procat MK3

The Procat MK111 Cheap Bait Boats For Sale

Fine. We’ll admit it, we’ve cheated a little here as the Angling Technics Procat comes in a little over budget at £52, but we’d never forgive ourselves if we hadn’t included it and for a good reason. You see, the inspiration for the Procat was first realised during the 2008-2010 economic crisis, and during this time money was tight for everybody, leaving far less disposable income for things like fishing tackle and bait boats.

With this in mind, Angling Technics created a budget version of their famous bait boats, to make them far more affordable for their customers. Of course, since 2010, more budget boat options have been made available from different companies, but as is common with Angling Technics, they seem to have been at the front of the revolution.

But this boat doesn’t just benefit from its reasonable price. It features a battery with a runtime of 1.5 hours, a hopper that holds around three-quarters of a kilogram of bait and the boat itself weighs a meagre 2.75kg, making it an incredible choice for the roving angler. The boat has LED lights around it to improve its suitability in the night and in low light conditions, and these lights can be controlled from the remote handset. The boat comes complete with a 12-month warranty, free next day delivery, a spare battery and a carry bag.

Features include:

  • 2.4Ghz radio system.
  • 1.5 hours of running time when fully charged.
  • Remote lighting control – light brightness controllable from the transmitter.
  • Size: 620mm x 280mm x 135mm.
  • Comes complete with bag, spare battery, charger and manual.
  • 12 months full UK Warranty.
  • Free, next day delivery in the UK.

Approx price: £525.00

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The Actor Bait Boat

The Actor Budget Bait Boat

Imagine a bait boat that is easy to use, lightweight and costs less than £200. Well, you don’t need to imagine because The Actor bait boat provides just that.

The Actor sent tongues wagging on banks across the country when it first was released for sale, as anglers just couldn’t believe that you could secure a working bait boat for just £199. It weighs just 2kg, holds 1.5kg of bait in two independently controlled hoppers and runs for 2.5 hours on a single full charge. In fact, it has every feature you could possibly need for a typical UK fishing trip. The Actor is incredibly fast across the water, but there are different settings to reduce that speed for times when you need a far more subtle approach. The catamaran-style boat keeps it incredibly stable in the water, even in troublesome conditions, and while it doesn’t look like the most elegant boat with an odd front shape, you simply can’t argue with its value. It takes around 5 hours to charge in full, and the range is 300m, and up to 400m in good, clear conditions.

The Actor also has one very special feature which does set it aside from the majority of other boats, which is its remote handset. The interesting thing about the handset is that it’s single-handed, making it resemble more of a TV remote than a bait boat controller. However, this does allow you a hand free to hold a rod or a device that is receiving your fish finder, and it’s one of the features that makes it a wonderful bargain.

Features include:

  • Light-weight, just 2kg
  • 2.5 hours of running time when fully charged.
  • Range: 300 – 400 meters
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 27cm x 19cm
  • Max Speed: 50 metres/minute
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.5Kg
  • Charging Time: 5 hrs (5AH Battery)

Approx price: £199.00

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Goolsky Flytec Bait Boat

Goolsky Flytec Bait Boat

You can be forgiven for thinking that The Actor is the cheapest bait boat on the market, but I’m afraid that moniker belongs to The Goolsky Flytec bait boat, which costs just £120. Not only is it insanely cheap, but it also has some really great features. The range of the boat is 500m, which trumps some premium bait boats, it weighs just 1.5kg and holds the same weight in bait in its dual hoppers! The twin motors on the Goolsky Flytec ensure an agile and manoeuvrable drive, with an ability to reach even the tightest margins and spots. The Goolsky Flytec’s twin hoppers are individually operated, and the lithium batteries keep the boat running for a long time, as the reviews all report.

It’s not all good news for the Goolsky Flytec, but it would be foolish to think it could be. The extreme lightness of the boat works in favour of anglers wanting to move from swim to swim throughout a session, but it also causes the boat to be particularly unstable in choppy water. However, if you’re fishing small, intimate waters, this shouldn’t present much of a problem to you or your angling.

Features include:

  • Colours: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Max.speed: 5.4km/h
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz
  • Remote control distance: 400m-500m
  • Transmitter power: 4 * AA battery (not included)
  • Twin hoppers offer plenty of bait capacity.

Approx price: £125.00

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Fishing People Baiting 500 V3

Fishing People Baiting 500 V3 Cheap Bait Boats

The Baiting 500 V3 is a fairly unheard of product at the moment, but we can see this easily breaking out in 2021 due to its upgraded features are very low price. The Baiting 500 is definitely designed for shorter or more active sessions, carrying just 500grams of bait in its small hopper, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering it only weighs 1.65kg itself.

It features front and rear LED lights for baiting up at night, and the rig release system allows you to drop your rigs on top of the free offerings. The range is fairly short at just 200m, but again, this boat is designed for more intimate sessions, so another boat would be far more suitable for vast expanses of water that require big beds of bait on the bottom.

The battery takes 7 hours to charge in full, giving you 1.5 hours of runtime as a result. The dual engines of the Baiting 500 V3 have weed guards to prevent any tangles and snags from floating weed and algae. The speed of the boat is actually pretty fast, running at 1 metre per second, and there is even a mount to add a fish finder to the boat. You can charge the battery on the bank as it utilises a USB charger, making it perfect for power banks and generators. You can even charge it in your car with a cigarette lighter port convertor.

The bait boat also includes a durable carry bag to keep your boat dry and safe in transit. You can use the links below to purchase the Baiting 500 V3, and for the price, it could be one of the best purchases you make in 2021.

Approx price: £249.99

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500M RC Camo Fishing Budget Bait Boat

500M RC Camo Fishing Budget Bait Boat

Online marketplaces are awash with the unknown, and the bait boat market has certainly benefitted from independent manufacturers making their mark on the industry by producing budget bait boats that are getting better every single time.

The 500M RC bait boat is certainly one of those unknown productions. It’s an incredibly new product, boasting big features and for a minimal price, and the initial reviews that are returning from early sales earmark it as a boat to watch out for. It’s sturdy in all conditions, it has a large hopper suitable for up to 1.5kg of bait, and it has a range of 500m, which rivals some premium bait boats. The built-in battery lasts for between 2-3 hours depending on the conditions, and it charges to full very quickly. There are LED lights around the boat to ensure complete visibility at night, and the remote-control handset has all the features that you would expect from a premium boat including a more measured cruise mode to prevent the spooking of fish.

At just £89.99, this boat represents the chance to secure a bait boat at a very low price, and while there hasn’t been an abundance of reviews due to its juvenility, the price means you can make your own mind up about its value and quality.

Approx price: £95.99

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The rise of the budget bait boat can only mean good things for the industry. Premium bait boats are unrivalled for quality, but they are completely are a completely unattainable option for a lot of anglers, or simply they are just too heavy-duty than some anglers need. If I was heading to an enormous gravel pit that required a lot of swim mapping and heavy baiting, I’d need a more premium option like the Anatec Catamaran or the Carplounge RT4, but a lot of anglers just need a boat capable of dropping off some bait and a rig under an overhanging tree 40m away known for holding a good head of carp. In this case, these budget models are absolutely perfect, and they also allow young or new anglers to get their hands-on bait boat technology, apply it to their angling and naturally graduate to more technical and advanced hardware when the time is right.

At the end of the day, technology is no substitute for solid watercraft, so bait boats should be used as an added tool, not as a substitute for skill and knowledge.

In all honesty, cheap bait boats keep premium models honest, and if an independent company begins to produce high-quality boats at a far reduced price, it’s then up to those more expensive brands to prove why they are superior and if they can’t, that provides more power to the budget options. If you haven’t used a bait boat yet, and you think there’s a chance it could bank you a few more carp, why not take a chance on some of these incredibly cheap bait boats while you can. Although we can’t see them going anywhere anytime soon!

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