Bait Boats For Sale, Our Detailed Buyers Guide

Bait boats for sale, this is our definitive guide to buying a bait boat.

So, you’re looking to buy a bait boat? Our detailed guide will help you choose the right bait boat for your requirements. You can browse via brand by clicking on the links below.

Rippton CatchX Bait Boats For Sale

The CatchX Bait Boat collection by Rippton has gained immense popularity among carp anglers worldwide. Currently, the CatchX range offers two models, which are described below.

CatchX Pro

CatchX Pro

For carp anglers who take their sport seriously, the CatchX Pro offers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. This upgraded model provides even greater precision, power, and versatility than its predecessor, the CatchX. With the user-friendly control system, you can say goodbye to interference between the fish finder and bait boat, and multitask with ease. Using the app, you can easily set the baiting spot(s) and route, and your CatchX Pro will be ready to go. The GPS and autopilot functions enable the bait boat to navigate to its destination automatically. Overall, the CatchX Pro is one of the best bait boats on the market, packing an impressive array of features for its price tag.

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CatchX Black Samurai

CatchX Black Samurai

Introducing the CatchX Black Samurai, a cutting-edge 2-hopper GPS bait boat that is highly precise, agile, and durable. Designed to help anglers bait and position rigs intelligently, this bait boat offers superior performance. With advanced chips and PCB boards, it provides enhanced signal transmission and control agility. If you’re looking for an ideal GPS bait boat, the CatchX Black Samurai is the perfect choice.

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Waverunner Bait Boats For Sale

The Waverunner range of bait boats has become a common sight on lakes throughout the UK and Europe over the last 10 years. The range is now one of the most popular with carp anglers due to the competitive pricing when compared to the flagship Angling Technics models. There are currently four main bait boats for sale in their range, these are Waverunner Sport, Waverunner Atom, Waverunner MK4 and Waverunner Shuttle.

The Waverunner Shuttle

The Waverunner Shuttle Bait Boat

The Waverunner Shuttle is considered by many to be the perfect all-round bait boat, remaining a popular choice with anglers for many years, despite the release of several other boats from different brands. The Waverunner Shuttle has remained so beloved by carp anglers around the world due to a few major factors that prove to be high up on the essential list.

First, the reliability of the Waverunner Shuttle gives you the confidence that you’re never going to find yourself in a bad situation on the bank. Secondly, the hopper holds 1.5kg of bait, which is more than enough for 99% of scenarios you’re likely to find yourself in, making it a solid choice for almost any water you fish. Lastly, the Waverunner’s patented rig release system features on the Shuttle, ensuring devastatingly accurate placement every single time. All of these factors make the Waverunner Shuttle a popular choice amongst anglers of all types. In fact, Korda consultant Darrell Peck had this to say about the boat:

“I was really impressed with the size of the hoppers. It carries a decent payload, and unlike other boats, I’ve seen, drops the load without jamming, every time.”

While the features mentioned above are certainly the Shuttle’s best, they don’t stop there. Another key feature of this model is the fantastic battery life giving you up to 2 hours of run time on a full charge. Waverunner also claims the Shuttle has a range of 500 meters, and while is it unlikely you would ever fish at such range, it’s certainly a relief to know this bait boat won’t lose signal in any fishing situation. The Shuttle is adorned in controllable head and sidelights for easy use in darkness, along with safety features that alert you when the boat is running low on battery to prevent your boat from dying in the middle of the lake, it will also stop going forward if the signal is ever lost, circling back until a strong connection is picked up and preventing any lost boat issues.

The price for this truly premium bait boat adds more appeal, coming in at a more than fair price of £699. Considering some boats cost more than triple this, the Waverunner Shuttle provides considerable value for money, and for a ton of revolutionary and reliable technology. Click the link below to get your Waverunner Shuttle!

Approx price: £725

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The Waverunner Atom Bait Boat

Waverunner Atom Bait Boat

Too often is the carp fishing world centred around the bright lights of Europe, with boats and tackle designed for mammoth French lakes and pits. But the Waverunner Atomic brings carp fishing back to the UK with its Atom boat. Designed for UK waters with its compact size and easy to deploy features, this is a standout for the UK carp scene, justifiably described as a workhorse.

The Waverunner Atom features a large hopper that carries 1.5kg of any bait out to your spots, with the patented rig release system incorporated into its sleek hull. This, coupled with the powerful front LED-headlights assures complete baiting accuracy in any condition or visibility. The battery keeps the boat moving for up to 2 hours with a full charge, and the connection range is a staggering 500m. At 7.7kg it’s not the lightest boat in the fleet, but the comfortable carry handle stops the weight being any problem to the carrier. The remote-control system controls all the lighting on the boat, meaning you can use your headlights to reach the vicinity of your spot, and then turn them off when closing in to prevent any fish-spooking in the darkness. There are also safety features that prevent the boat from getting lost if the signal is lost and a low battery warning to prevent your boat from becoming dead in the water.

The Atom is a genuine all-rounder. Its battery is more than adequate, it’s sturdy, reliable, accurate and best of all, modestly priced. If you’re an angler new to the bait boat world or looking at purchasing your first premium boat, you can do far worse than the Waverunner Atom.

Approx price: from £745

The Waverunner MK4 Bait Boat

The Waverunner MK4 Bait Boat

The Waverunner MK4 is a serious bait boat for serious anglers. On an intimate UK water or gargantuan European pit, the MK4 will look right at home in any setting. It boasts a ridiculous 1,000m connectivity range with its 5.8ghz digital radio system, and while you’ll almost never need to use half of that range, it’s always in your arsenal if you choose to fish such a vast expanse of water. In addition to its incredible range, it carries a huge 5kg of bait across two hoppers. Impressively, the hoppers are controlled individually, meaning you can bait up two spots in a single trip, and to coincide with the double hopper, the boat also features two rig release systems.

The Waverunner MK4 weighs a sturdy 8.5kg, but its powerful battery and motors take that weight, plus the 5kg hopper capacity in their stride, keeping the boat powered for 2 hours on a single full charge. The MK4 is the flagship model of the Waverunner fleet, and it’s easy to see why. The MK4 is genuinely intimidating in presence, with no water too big, and no spot too hard to reach. ITV’s Dean Macey said this about the MK4:

“I was driving my Waverunner bait boat halfway across the lake and then running round to the far side so I could see exactly where I was dropping the rig and making sure it was in the same place each time. Had I been casting then I couldn’t have ensured that the rig landed on the ledge and didn’t roll down to the bottom of the shelf.”

It’s not hard to see why the MK4 is such a favourite in the bait boat world, with that amount of capability. The price is also incredibly fair considering the features of the boat, coming in just £100 more than the speedy Sport model. This boat will suit any angler in all conditions.

Approx price: £899.00

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The Waverunner Sport

Bait Boats For Sale - The Waverunner Sport

Dubbed by Waverunner as the ‘racing car of the fleet’, the Waverunner Sport is one of the lightest and smallest bait boats for sale today. Modern-day carp fishing is all about gaining the edge on both the carp and the other anglers on the lake in as many ways possible. This has led to inventions ranging from underwater cameras to echo-sounders and everything in between, and in this case, has prompted Waverunner to create a rapid bait boat for reaching spots quickly and accurately to capitalise on the small window when the carp are in the area.

The Waverunner Sport is rapid across the water and boasts a serious battery to keep it moving, giving you 6 hours of runtime from a single full charge. The long battery life and quick speeds can be attributed to the lightweight of the Waverunner Sport, coming in at just 5.6kg, making it a great option for shorter sessions where dragging a huge bait boat becomes far too much of a hassle. The Waverunner Sport’s compact size also helps you to reach areas unattainable by casting, or with too big a boat, another edge when conditions are tough. Sticky Baits and Thinking Anglers sponsored Scott Lloyd has used the Sport firsthand:

“It gave me the advantage to be able to place my rigs and freebies accurately in the place they needed to be, with little disturbance and with precision. This in my mind was a massive edge and a game changer for my spring approach.”

The Waverunner Sport carries an impressive 2.1kg of bait, features the Waverunner rig release system and is decorated with LED lights around the boat, making the sleek black boat look incredibly stylish on any lake. The Waverunner Sport is one of the best options for those anglers that want a fast, discrete and reliable boat to hit their spots without causing a great disturbance. If you’re looking for a boat suited to a long slog, you may be better served elsewhere, but either way, the Waverunner Sport is a terrific bait boat. It’s priced a little higher than the Waverunner Shuttle, but it’s a small price to pay if you desire speed and a compact boat that gives you edges across the board.

Approx price: £749.99

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Anatec Bait Boats

The Anatec range of bait boats for sale is seriously impressive. The popular Anatec Catamaran has become the big fish anglers bait boat of choice on big European venues. There are currently 3 models in the Anatec range.

Anatec Catamaran

Anatec Catamaran Bait Boat

Recently revamped in a new Camo Oak design, the Anatec Catamaran is considered the Godfather of bait boats for the big fish angler. It’s also somewhat of a celebrity, having been used on BBC’s ‘Otters Blue Planet’ and The National Geographic Channel. In fact, the Anatec Catamaran is that well thought of, underwater mapping and surveying company, Cad-Map, use the Catamaran for their operations.

The Catamaran is extremely popular throughout Europe, where a reliable and sturdy bait boat is required for long-range angling in choppy water that would cause smaller bait boats a lot of trouble. The Catamaran drives powerfully through the water thanks to its twin motors and the dual hoppers offer a large bait capacity at around 3-3.5kg of bait, depending on what type of bait you’re sending out. Anatec claims the Catamaran can operate up to 500 meters without losing connectivity which is an incredible distance to fish at. The boat offers a rear rig release system and multiple lights around the hull that improves visibility in dark or poor conditions.

Considering the size of the Catamaran, and how high it sails on the water, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would be a sluggish model, but quite to the contrary, the Catamaran moves fairly fast over the water, maximising each minute of its 2-hour battery life. The Anatec Catamaran is a really popular option for fisheries that offer a boat rental service on their waters. This is mainly down to the durability of the Catamaran, the suitability in all conditions and the easy repairability that the Catamaran offers with the ability to remove the top plate to expose all the components. This means that the Anatec team can diagnose a problem over the phone and send out the necessary parts for an easy repair every time.

When buying this bait boat new, you will receive a quality bag, a spare set of batteries for those longer sessions on the bank and charger. The Catamaran also has the option for additional customisation options like fish finders. We suggest that you add the Toslon TF640 Finder & GPS to your Catamaran if the budget allows for such an addition, as this creates one of the strongest and feature-rich bait boats on the market, especially for the price.

Approx price: from £1,099.00

Anatec PAC Evo

Anatec PAC Evo

The Anatec PAC Evo represents a far different class of boat than most others in the Anatec fleet. While the Anatec’s other boats strive to be the best on the market, the PAC Evo is happy in the middle of the road, and for a good reason. Anglers considering their first voyage into the wild world of bait boats are often inundated with technology and terminology suited to those that are well versed in the bait boat industry, but for a first-time bait boat buyer, this can be quite off-putting.

The Anatec PAC Evo offers anglers of this ilk a route onto the bait boat scene without needing a heap of existing knowledge and a large budget. Priced at just £474.99, the PAC Evo is a vastly more affordable boat than its bigger brothers and finds itself just as capable in certain scenarios.

First of all, the handset that controls the boat is notably missing confusing controls and interfaces, instead opting for a very user-friendly control system that will help new bait boat users get used to the basic functions of a boat, without contending with more advanced controls. The battery life on the PAC Evo is brilliant, keeping the boat running for 3 hours on a single charge, and the high sitting level of the boat makes it effective in choppy or rough water. The bait hopper holds up to 1kg of bait and is dropped with a simple switch on the controller. Bright LED lights surround the boat, improving its visibility in poor conditions.

The Anatec PAC Evo is genuinely one of the best boats for a first-time user. It’s feature-rich enough to do everything you could need from a bait boat, without it being too technical to comprehend as a beginner.

The price of £499.99 would suggest this boat could be classed as a budget range model, but the truth is that it’s much better than that moniker, and while it can’t compete with the likes of the Catamaran, it’s certainly a solid choice on the majority of waters, for the majority of anglers.

Approx price: £499

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Angling Technics Bait Boats

True pioneers of the bait boat revolution for anglers all over the world Angling Technics sent shockwaves through the angling community when their first boat hit the shelves and gave birth to a whole new outlook on fishing. Their range of bait boats for sale has developed tenfold since those early days, and the range is now considerably well established, with Angling Technics being responsible for some of the best bait boats on the market.

The Microcat MK3

The Microcat MK111 Bait Boat For Sale

The Microcat MK3 from Angling Technics has become synonymous with the image of modern bait boat fishing with the unmistakable blue writing adorning the shiny, jet black hull of the boat, and the dual pointed front leading the way across lakes across the world. The Microcat MK3 hasn’t remained at the top of the tree for all of these years based on the name value of Angling Technics or the nostalgia that the model invokes in any angler that witnesses it in action. Rather, its best-seller status lies in the features, reliability and upgrades that Angling Technics add to the Microcat when necessary.

The Microcat’s sleek design sits low in the water, almost incognito as it carries your rig and bait into the tightest margins and under the lowest overhanging trees to give you the edge on intimate waters. The powerful jet pumps carry the boat quickly through the water and prevent the chance of weed infiltrating the motors. The Microcat’s twin hoppers are suitable for all types of bait from boilies to particles, and they can be independently controlled for allowing you to bait two spots on a single trip.

The batteries on the Microcat MK3 present one of the only drawbacks of the best-seller, with the standard batteries lasting just 45 minutes on a single charge. Angling Technics does offer an “HD” version which offers an increased runtime, raising the total runtime to 70 minutes due to heavier duty batteries. Still, with the number of resources available for on the bank charging, this shouldn’t present too much of a problem for the modern-day angler, and the performance of the Microcat MK3 trumps any potential issues with battery life.

Approx price: £899.00

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The Procat MK3

The Procat MK111 Bait Boat For Sale

Angling Technics Procat MK3 is as popular in its own right, as its big brother the Microcat is. Nash’s lead consultant, Alan Blair, discussed the importance of staying mobile in one of the more recent Nash 24 videos. In the video he stated that he was no longer in a battle with just the carp, but also with the other anglers on the lake, and staying mobile ensured that he could be proactive by moving on showing fish and maximising every second that he has behind his rods.

The Procat enables you to do just this, weighing just 2.75kg including the battery, making it a complete dream for the quick session and mobile angler. The twin jet pump motors that have become standard in Angling Technics’ bait boats improve the manoeuvrability of the boats enormously, allowing you to steer comfortably into the tightest of spots. The compact size of the Procat makes it a brilliant option for smaller UK waters, and its smaller hopper size makes tight and accurate baiting a breeze when fishing tough waters. The compact size also means the battery life of the Procat exceeds that of the Microcat, running for a total of 1.5 hours on a single full charge.

A particularly heart-warming anecdote from Angling Technics provides some context to the birth of the Procat, with the boat being produced in the midst of the 2008-2010 economic crisis, which saw many anglers low on extra cash to pay for their passion. To combat this, Angling Technics designed and produced a boat that was far more affordable than many other models on the market, especially as bait boats were such a new piece of technology at the time. Over a decade later, the Procat MK3 still sits in the more than affordable price range of £525, allowing anglers to purchase a quality bait boat without breaking the bank.

Approx price: £699

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The Technicat MK2

The Technicat MK11 Bait Boat

The Technicat MK2 offers a middle of the road option between the industry giant that is the Microcat MK3 and the plucky Procat MK3. Just as at home in an intimate UK pond as it is on a mammoth French gravel pit, the Technicat suits anglers of all shapes and sizes, and benefits from the same reliable construction as each of Angling Technics’ other models.

A big benefit of the Technicat is the huge hopper, holding 3kg of bait, which is ideal for those longer sessions that require a big bed of bait being laid over a wide area to keep the carp in your swim for days instead of hours. Secondly, the battery life impresses with a continuous runtime of 90 minutes from a single charge, addressing an issue that some people have with the Microcat.

Unlike the other Angling Technics models, the Technicat uses propellers instead of jets, which are protected from weed and algae with specialised guards. The boat is also designed to keep a very low profile in the water, with built-in drain holes to prevent the boat from taking on any water in less than favourable conditions. The recognisable black hull of the Technicat is adorned with different coloured LED lights that can be controlled from the handset, improving the visibility of the boat in the darker hours. The Technicat is a solid choice for any situation, and its fairly low price has made it a cult favourite amongst many anglers.

Approx price: £799

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Lake Reaper Bait Boats

The Lake Reaper bait boat is one of the best budget bait boats on the market. It has been around for years and has a reputation for reliability and strong battery life, and considering its low price, it has certainly stood the test of time.

Lake Reaper Bait Boats

The standard Lake Reaper in black or camo

The Lake Reaper’s allure stands in its simplicity, ease of use and reliability. Despite being classed as a budget bait boat, and it certainly is considering the price, the range of the boat extends to 400m, it holds 1kg of bait in its deep hopper and is run on a powerful single motor, with a specialised guard to protect the propellor from weed and algae.

The Lake Reaper is incredibly easy to service, maintain and repair, should the need ever arise. The top plate of the boat removes in total, exposing all the components that power the boat. From here, you have easy access to repair anything that may be broken, and with great aftercare services from Lake Reaper, parts are always available along with repair advice.

Approx price: £349.99

Lake Reaper Carp Fishing Bait Boat in Black
5 Reviews
Lake Reaper Carp Fishing Bait Boat in Black
  • These batteries will last approx 3-4 hours on a single charge. Ideal for a day/night session. Interferance free radio with 300+ range.
  • Large 1KG bait capacity. You can feed your rig from underneath to take out with your bait. Very easy to use and set up.
  • Boats come complete with handset, 1 set of batteries, mains charger, grease for servicing and also a waterproof handset cover.
  • The boat can be taken apart without needing to cut open a seal. This can be very cost effective if you need to service the boat or replace any parts. All electronic parts inside the boat can also be replaced easily and use high quality RC components such as receivers and speed controllers.
Lake Reaper Carp Fishing Bait Boat Camo with Futaba T6L Radio Deeper Pro+ Compatible
  • Brand New Carp Bait Boat, the Lake Reaper is the best valued Bait Boat on rhe market for price and reliability.
  • Supplied with upgraded Futaba T6L radio so the boat is compatible with the Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder
  • Boat supplied with 2 x 6v 5AH batteries, up to 4 hours run time!

Lake Reaper with fish finder package

Lake Reaper Bait Boat With Fish Finder

The Lake Reaper bait boat also has a feature that allows you to add an echo sounder to the boat, turning a budget bait boat into a boat that has all the features of a boat 3 times its price. Lake Reaper uses the ever-popular FF918C colour fishfinder. This is a great value package at just £569.99 with free UK shipping. The fish finder comes fully fitted and ready to use. Available in both black and camo.

Approx price: £549.99

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Big Lake Bait Boat MK3

Another budget bait boat that is gaining a reputation across Europe. Big Lake bait boats are designed and built in the UK.

Big Lake Bait Boat For Sale

The Big Lake bait boat is now in its 3rd revision as the improvements and additions structure this budget boat into a genuine first choice for a selection of anglers. The MK3 is now more stable and reliable, newly equipped with upgraded Lipo batteries and an IMAX charger. This ensures longer running time and ultra-fast charging time. This is one of the few budget bait boats for sale that come with a full 1-year warranty.

The boat comes with all required chargers and batteries and offers around 1.5 hours of continuous run-time when fully charged. In addition to solid battery life, the single hopper holds up to 3kg of bait, making it a useful in both shorter and longer sessions, along with a useful rig release system. This bait boat does not come with a bag as standard, but you can purchase one from eBay here.

Approx price: £440

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New Direction Bait Boats

New Direction is a relatively new company with a range of bait boats for sale in the UK. New Direction has a focus on dragging the sport into the future with a consistent release of innovative products that change the face of fishing. Many of their inventions have been incredibly well received and popular amongst anglers, from bite alarms that are controlled with a mobile app to a bivvy table with a built-in power bank, ND is certainly gaining a cult following.

ND Smart Bait Boat

ND Smart Bait Boat For Sale

Their Smart Bait Boat and Smart Bait Boat 2 are no exceptions to their innovative view on product releases. In all fairness, the Smart Bait Boat 2 is the same as the first edition, just with far less additional features. However, in true ND fashion, you can purchase the far cheaper second model, and pay to unlock the features in small intervals whenever you choose, making it a far more affordable option without the need for financing. For example, the more expensive version of the boat comes with the Auto-Pilot feature as standard, whereas the 2nd edition has the feature inbuilt but requires payment of £199 to unlock it. This allows anglers to upgrade their boat over time instead of paying a large sum in one hit.

For this review, we’ll focus on the more expensive first edition to explore all the inbuilt features you can enjoy with the boat. The first main difference that sets this boat aside from any other is the single-handed controller that resembles a television remote more than a bait boat controller. The single-handed joystick allows you another hand free to hold rods or interfaces, and while it takes some getting used to, it’s actually a fantastic feature.

The dual hoppers carry 1.5kg of bait in each, and an independently controlled rig release ensures your rig lands on the money every time. The boat is propelled by two industrial engines, and just like their famed bite alarms, the boat comes with a fully integrated smartphone app to view everything from GPS auto-pilot mapping to LED light control. On the topic of lighting, the boat is fronted by dual headlights, sidelights and red rear lights to ensure full visibility in the worst conditions. Two Li-Ion batteries keep the boat moving for up to 2 hours at a time, and a full charge takes just 4-5 hours. The boat also has extension ports for the addition of an echo sounder and underwater camera.

The price of the ND Smart Bait Boat is actually very fair considering the number of features it packs in, standing at £950, while the cheaper update-based boat costs just £499. Check out the link below to buy the ND Smart Bait Boat 1 & 2.

Approximate Price: £950 for the ND Smart Bait Boat or £499 for the ND Smart Bait Boat 2

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Carplounge RT4

Carplounge RT4

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bait boat that has received more recent critical acclaim from the angling community than the Carplounge RT4. Used by Ali Hamidi in Korda’s Masterclass series, the RT4 blew everyone away with the abundance of features that it possessed, and to be honest, there are too many to delve into here, so we’ll cover the main features that separates the RT4 from the pack.

First of all, the RT4’s design is simply stunning and completely customisable to boot. Customers have requested all types of custom designs from Raymarine and independent designers, so for a completely unique product like no other on the bank, the RT4 is your answer. The hull is also decorated with 26 LED lights that are dimmable and controlled with the main handset and two stunning headlights that give the RT4 a futuristic look. The high-performance dual engines on the RT4 ensure a smooth, controlled and stable drive, and interestingly it boasts of having the best straight-line run of any boat on the market, which may be more important than you might first think.

The Carplounge RT4 houses two individually operated hoppers holding a total 5litres of bait, which is incredibly abundant, along with two rig release systems. The battery lasts for 6km and is a fantastic addition, the boat now has a backup battery system allowing you to switch over to a second battery remotely, with you able to charge the second battery separately upon the boats return. This is a genuinely revolutionary addition that completely removes the risk of you losing power in open water.

The RT4 comes complete with a 36-month warranty and an unbelievable guarantee that within this period they will provide you with a brand-new bait boat if a replacement part cannot be made available within 8 days to you. This is unrivalled in the industry and a wonderful added reassurance on an expensive purchase.

Raymarine offers a multitude of additional extras to be inbuilt to your Carplounge RT4, which also assures that each is hand and purpose-built for each order. These additional extras include all types of echo sounders, GPS systems, underwater cameras, auto-pilot and much more. When you build your boat before purchase, each step is chosen by you, to be constructed by Raymarine, which is a truly unique option for the industry.

The Raymarine Carplounge RT4 is probably the most expensive bait boat on the market if every additional extra is chosen, but the bait boat with the general features is actually pretty competitive considering the price of some other premium options on the market. If you have the budget for an RT4, there probably isn’t a better option for you anywhere else, and it will take some beating if any other brand wants to take it on. You can check out our full Carplounge RT4 review here.

Approximate Price: £1,104 – £4,500

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Dual Hopper Bait Boat

Dual Hopper Bait Boat

A budget bait boat with 500m range for under £200! If you’re on a budget or only plan on using your bait boat sparingly, then this might be worth a look.

The boat itself looks great and is made from a high-quality ABS material. It’s a basic, no-frills bait boat that will deliver your hookbait, along with ample free offerings to any spot you require. The twin motors make this boat very fast across the water. The boat runs off Lithium batteries, making it quick to charge with plenty of running time from a fully charged set of batteries.

If you don’t expect the earth, you will get a decent bait boat for your money which will be very beneficial in the right circumstances.

Approximate Price: £120

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Boatman Actor MK4

Boatman Actor MK4 Bait Boat

The Boatman Actor is a lightweight bait boat, weighing just 2kg. Perfect for the day angler or mobile angler. It has a compact design along with a generous 1.5kg bait capacity. The boat has a range of up to 300 meters and can run for up to 2.5 hours on a fully charged set of batteries which can double to 5 hours if you purchase the 10ah version. The handset is small, designed to be used with just one hand, making it easier to position your rig while holding your rod in the other hand. Comes supplied with everything you need to start fishing. Please ensure the boat is fully charged before first use.

Approximate Price: £260

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Many of the above bait boats have the facility to add fish finders and can be bought with them as standard from some outlets, with options available for different brands and models of echo sounders.

Take a look at these high-specification bait boats

Smart Bait Boat

CatchX Pro

Gps & fish Finder

Smart Bait Boat

CatchX Black Samurai

2 hoppers & 3KG bait load