Underwater Fishing Cameras, Best Underwater Cameras For Fishing

Underwater fishing cameras are becoming more popular since the ground-breaking Korda underwater series. We explore some of the different underwater cameras on the market today.

The angling world has been full of technological advancements over the last decade from the rise of power packs and entertainment gadgets to bait boats and drones.

However, one piece of technology that is yet to be fully adopted by the everyday angler is the underwater fishing camera. Granted, tackle companies like Korda and Fox have utilised these pieces of equipment, most notably in Korda’s ground-breaking ‘Underwater’ series where viewers got a chance to see how carp really react to bait and rigs. This film series became a hit on YouTube, and anglers started to consider how they could use them themselves.

For example, some people just love watching how fish react to different baits and rigs for research purposes. If you have a fishpond in your garden, you could test out different things in that under the watchful eye of an underwater camera. Similarly, you could use it on the lake you fish to see if the bait you laid down the previous night has been left alone or wiped out. There are a ton of things to use underwater camera’s for, and anglers are quick to adopt the latest technology to give themselves the edge. We’ve compiled a list of the best underwater fishing cameras on the market right now, that you can factor into your angling straight away!

Underwater Fishing Cameras

Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera with DVR

We’re kicking off the list with the feature-rich Anysun underwater camera which not only features a stunning camera but a DVR feature too. Focusing on the camera first, underwater cameras tend to struggle to give an accurate clarity rating, which is mainly down to the different water they are used in. For example, the visible distance maybe 3m in gin-clear gravel pits, but only 1.5m in murky canals. However, the Anysun gives a rating of HD 1000TVL for the camera’s strength, but the visibility depends on the water it’s used in. The camera does benefit from 12 powerful LED lights surrounding the camera to improve visibility and these lights can be switched over to a red colour for different situations or turned off completely.

The length of the camera cable is 30m, which is a fair distance and it’s made up of durable cable wire. The camera cable leads straight to the screen unit, which is situated inside its protective box, giving you somewhat of a desk to sit and view the footage of the lakebed from the bank. The size of the monitor is available in two sizes, with the eBay listing offering the 5inch version, or the Amazon listing offering the 7inch. Both screens are clear LCD, and the entire unit will work for 8 hours from a single charge. The camera will work from temperatures as low as -10c and up to 50c, so you’ll never have to worry about the weather. A great feature of the Anysun is the DVR, where you can record the footage for rewatching later. The package comes with an 8GB SD card, but you can upgrade this capacity yourself.

The Anysun is a great underwater camera to explore with, the range of 30m is more than enough for a lot of waters and the different features of the camera are what has made it popular on Amazon. There are lots of smaller things you’ll discover about the Anysun as you start to use it, like the temperature and depth gauge that it has, and as you get more comfortable with using the camera, you’ll learn how to get the best out of it.

Price: £185.99

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FishSpy Underwater Camera & Marker Float

FishSpy Underwater Camera & Marker Float

The FishSpy is the brainchild of TF Gear, who have produced other gadgets such as power banks and fish finders. The FishSpy couples an underwater camera with a marker float, allowing you to reel the camera down to view the lakebed below it. This is more carp angling-based than any other underwater camera, and the multi-purpose benefits are great. You can use the camera as a marker float to cast your rigs at, and leave your free offerings, then bring the camera down to see if your rigs have landed correctly and there is enough bait in the area. The FishSpy has the capability to live stream what the camera see’s back to an app on your phone, which is the same place you can view all your other footage from the FishSpy. Some people will avoid leaving the camera in the water recording due to the tight line potentially spooking fish in the area. It’s much better suited for short uses, checking on the lakebed, rigs and baited areas.

The picture resolution is 640×480, which may sound pretty poor but its more than enough for angling purposes, and the camera is designed for low-light, meaning it’s even useful in murky water. The camera will last for 4 hours on a single charge, and it will recharge in just 3 hours. The FishSpy works to ranges of 60m, or 100m with their extender accessory, and with a weight of just 60g, you won’t cause much disturbance in the water.

The FishSpy will connect to your phone, and you’ll be able to see the footage from the free FishSpy app. From here, you cast the camera into the water and start the recording. When you reel the camera underwater, the Wi-Fi signal will drop, but the recording will continue, leaving you with the footage when the camera resurfaces and reconnects to Wi-Fi. From here you can review the footage of the lakebed below.

The FishSpy comes complete with a boom to protect your line, a float to prevent it from getting lost on the lakebed, along with instructions and a charging lead. You can also buy a ton of accessories for the FishSpy ranging from bankstick mounts to range extenders. The FishSpy is like no other underwater camera on the market, and the ability to move the camera around the water at will is a gamechanger.

Price: £59.99

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Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera (7inch)

The Eyoyo camera is very similar to the Anysun model as it features the same camera system, with LED colour changing lights, a choice between a 15m, 30m, or 50m cable and an LCD screen housed in a mini carry case. However, the Eyoyo is quite a lot cheaper than the Anysun model. However, this price difference can be attributed to the Eyoyo’s lack of a DVR function. So, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option and you’re not too bothered about a DVR function, the Eyoyo could be the answer to your prayers. You’ll still benefit from a clear and stable camera, a carry case and the ability to stream directly to your screen on the bank.

Price: £159.99

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Lucky Underwater Fishing Camera

Lucky Underwater Fishing Cameras

Lucky are well-renowned for their fish finders, which have garnered critical acclaim despite their small price tag with people from all over the world adopting them into their angling artillery whether attached to a rod, boat or bait boat. Therefore, it was no surprise when Lucky delved into the underwater fishing camera world with this offering. What is most interesting about the Lucky underwater camera is that it’s a handheld device which makes the entire process much faster and easier. The cable length is shorter than other wired cameras at only 20m, but this is still enough for accurate margin footage. The camera has 300,000 pixels to video and the 4.3inch LCD screen is full colour, making footage clearer to review. The camera also has 4 LED lights for dark and deep-water exploration.

Through the receiver, you can take photographs, stream and record video for playback later on, and the storage is a generous 16GB. There aren’t a great deal more features for the Lucky underwater camera than simple good footage, and a longer cable may have been a huge improvement, but Lucky’s brand certainly has a reputation for getting the basics right.

Price: £135.99

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Underwater fishing cameras are still in their infancy outside of professional and unbelievably expensive equipment. Due to this infancy, a lot of features still need to be fine-tuned and worked on before tackle companies will consider branding their own versions. But, this is typical of all new technology.

Drones were considered as mere toys long before their values for angling were discovered, and now every carp fishing film will feature an abundance of drone footage. Underwater cameras are a technology for the future, that is available now, so take the opportunity to be a trendsetter and see how they can help your angling now before everyone joins the party!

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