Big Lake Bait Boat Review

Big Lake Bait Boat Review

Read our Big Lake Bait Boat review. The Big Lake Bait Boat is gaining a steady following in the UK, and rightly so… Made in the UK, the Big Lake Bait Boat is growing in reputation. A bait boat designed and built in the UK for under £500 was going to raise a few eyebrows. … Read more

Cheap Carp Bait

Cheap Carp Bait

We take a look at some of the best cheap carp bait available and where to buy it from. Carp fishing is a passion for most of us and that passion can burn a pretty big hole in our pockets. Bait is the one thing we can not do without, it’s probably the biggest annual … Read more

Lake Reaper Bait Boats, Lake Reaper Bait Boat Review

Lake Reaper Bait Boats

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable all-round bait boat? If so, the Lake Reaper Bait Boat is a solid choice. For years, the bait boat market was dominated by bigger names such as Angling Technics. While these larger brands made very good bait boats, they did cost a pretty penny. Often overlooked, the Lake … Read more

Cretelakes Carp Fishing in France, Cretelakes Review

Cretelakes Carp Fishing in France

Cretelakes is a stunning 5 lake carp fishing venue in France. Read my Cretelakes review. The Cretelakes complex is set over 130 acres and the lakes are the result of gravel pits being dug in the 1970s and stocked with carp and coarse fish. The venue offers an all-inclusive package for those anglers wanting a … Read more

Carp Fishing In France Near Calais

Carp Fishing In France Near Calais

Want to experience foreign carp fishing without too much travel time? Try these carp fishing lakes in France near Calais. There are plenty of carp fishing lakes in France near Calais. All the lakes listed below are within a couple of hours drive from the French port. Domaine des Iles – approx 2 hours from … Read more

Bait Boat Finance, How To Buy Bait Boats On Finance

Bait Boat Finance

Bait boats are one of the more expensive items of fishing tackle you will own. We explore some of the options for financing your bait boat purchase to help spread the cost. Brand new bait boats generally range from around £400 at the lower end to £1500 at the top end. There are a couple … Read more

Universal Bait Boat Fish Finder (MK3), Fits All Bait Boats

Universal Bait Boat Fish Finder

Introducing the all new MK3 universal bait boat fish finder. This fits most bait boats on the market today. **Please note, the video shows the old MK2 universal fish finder handset. This has now been updated this to a new, improved handset. ** The MK3 now comes with a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery and USB … Read more

Horizon Fish Finders Standard Fish Finder Review

Horizon Fish Finders Standard Fish Finder Review

Horizon Fish Finders offer an entry-level bait boat fish finder which is universal fitting for most bait boats. After purchasing the Horizon standard fish finder, we were very impressed with what we received for the money and it performed really well in a variety of conditions. Take a look at the video below for an … Read more

Crystal Waters France, Crystal Waters Review

Crystal Waters France

Crystal Waters is a proper big fish water around 4 hours from Calais. The lake itself is around 25 acres in size with 2 large islands, with depths varying from 4-24 feet. The stock of fish in this place is incredible with absolutely loads of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, with a lake record at over 80lb. … Read more